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FAll Eq event report - narrative form (longish)

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  • mark murphy
    Before I forget AGAIN - Margarite - can you send me a score code for West Kingdom Fall Eq Event AS 42 ? The weather gods have in interesting sense of humor.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2007
      Before I forget AGAIN - Margarite - can you send me a score code for "West Kingdom Fall Eq Event AS 42"?

      The weather gods have in interesting sense of humor. It was supposed to rain Friday with a slight chance of snow at the upper elevations.

      It did not snow over the pass - it did snow at my house.

      At 6pm it was 52 degrees and cloudy in the distance. At 7pm it was 32 degrees and snowing heavily. We got 2 inches in 2 hours and it snowed intermittently until midnight.

      Gwen, Kemnon and a very wet Quincy arrived around 9pm in a driving snow storm. We blanketed Quincy (I own LOTS of blankets) and put him in a stall for the night with a heated bucket of water. Gwen and Kemnon were the only ones staying overnight at the house and were glad they had planned to sleep indoors!

      WE awoke to sunny skies and no wind. The snow melted off by 10 am and we got started, Folks began to show up. We had 9 adults and 2 minors. Abu and Niecola also braved the pass and arrived about 9:45 am. Bethia had come and stayed in Fernley but her sinuses decided an infection was in order so she wisely drove home.

      It was sunny and almost breezeless and about 70 degrees on Sat. We had 8 riders competing (I rode on 2 different horses) and 4 horses. We were able to run Heads, Reeds and rings along with the Quest. One minor, Garrik, was auth beginner. Niecoala got her 4th marshal MiT sig at this event.

      Scores were as follows:
      Cyneburh on Kazar - 204.76
      Connor on Tiffany - 187.11
      Siobhan on Kazar 169.31
      Niecoala on Kazar - 165.42
      Siobhan on Ebony - 163
      Gwen on Quincy - 99.8
      Malik on Tiffany - 214.18
      Garrik on Tiffany - 205.71
      Michael on Tiffany - 104.36 (did not run reeds)

      WE took a lunch break and set up for the Quest.

      The Quest seemed to have the approval of everyone. Each rider left our arena (the Frankish encampment), rode down the dirt road to the paved road, along it to another dirt road and through a gate where they dismounted and got a token from a bucket. They then kept going north, down a mucky wet slope and across a "raging river" ( a dry creek bed) where they saved the Teeth of St Cuthbert from the flood (took them out of a bucket hanging on a tree). They then went along our bottom fence line and up a steep but short hiil along our north fence line, into our back pasture where they were handed a lance and had to spear the black knight (take the 6" ring off the arm). They then went into our backyard, through a 'canyon' (zig zigged poles on the ground) and around the house. Bandits in the village fields!!!! Into the arena and lop the heads off the four bandits then back out the arena gate to end your time. I was on Ebony and guided the 2 beginner riders and one Int rider as a group through the course and they all did VERY well. The Advanced riders were all show offs, frankly, racing into the arena at the end and taking the boffer sword from Elisant's outstretched hand (standing at the gate) without slowing down (grin).
      Scores were:
      Connor and Cyneburh were tied for first with me 2nd and Nicole 3rd. Then we had Gwen, Michael, Malik and Garrik.

      Sunday dawned also sunny and warm and breezeless. Gwen was feeling pain from a pinched nerve so we did not do a trail ride. However, Connor got on his 3 year old colt, Superstition, for the first time. I led the colt around the round pen and he settled down very quickly - one little humpity and a lot of 'egg shell' walking but within 10 min, he was relaxed and mouthing his bit so we stopped.

      Gwen, Kemnon and Quincy went home. Cyneburh dropped by and she, Connor and I went for a 2 hour ride with me on my 4 year old, Ardee. We encountered a red tail hawk on the ground with a bunch of magpies eating a rabbit. The hawk kept swooping back and forth at sagebrush level until we got passed her which was a good experience for the filly - she got nervous but did not blow up. As we rode, the wind came up and got gusty. As I sat down at this machine, my weather monitor beeped. - The wind is supposed to gust all night with snow to 4500 feet (definitly our place - we are at 4900) and 2 inches of snow over night is expected - again!

      I want to thank everyone who came. Everyone helped with everything and we all had a great time.

      Siobhan n S

      Tired and dirty - going now to let the boys out of their stalls after their dinner and go take a SHOWER!
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