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Re: Training Ponies

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  • Lizabeth
    LOL!~ So in that line yesterday I am piddling around with my colt down at the stables ( I have some horses at my place, and some horses down at the local
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2007

      So in that line yesterday I am piddling around with my colt down at
      the stables ( I have some horses at my place, and some horses down at
      the local barn).

      A lady who is really nice walks up and and says as she passing me...

      "Ohh look at my horse he is happy to see me and is waiting for me"..

      Her horse was standing at his gate, whinning and looking excited to
      see her.

      So me, popping her bubble say, "well it must be feeding time"..

      She said " Oh no, he has his food, he is just very happy to see me,
      see how much he loves me!!"..

      Now, I feel a pang of the green devil because no way in gods green
      earth would Phooka ever leave his feed to come head butt me...

      So, being the statistical engineer I am say.. " Are you sure he has

      So she trots over to her stall knowing in her glory that her horse
      loves her and my horses think of me as poop rake with hay.. and guess

      No food...

      Moral of the Story is...

      While a dog may pine away at your grave... a horse will only
      fertilize it...

      As far as time spent... When the horses are turned out in my paddock,
      they get pats, fly spray and verification that they are upright.
      Since I am still colt starting I shuffle them between stalls at the
      local barn and my place. So the horses down at the barn get all the
      attention and the ones in pasture get.. well they get fed darn it!

      Lady Zinaida Or'Shinaia!

      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "Else Hunrvogt"
      <nancyreimers@...> wrote:
      > So then there are the days that the pony makes it perfectly clear
      > that they have you trained...
      > One of the most common questions we get from the public when we are
      > driving a pair or four at county fairs is "Do the ponies know their
      > names?" The standard reply is "Of Course, every single one answers
      > to God Damn Pony". It's a bit like "Yes, Death of a Salesman".
      > The reality is that most of the ponies do know and answer to their
      > names. If the tone is angry enough, all the turnout answers to
      > naughty pony's name.
      > My ponies have periods of time in which which my attention to them
      > can best be described as benign neglect. They live on a 1.5 acre,
      > semi-irrigated, field and have a large stock tank with an auto-
      > refill. I confess, there are days where "checking the ponies"
      > consists of looking out the back window to make sure that there are
      > two and that both are upright. Other days I go whole hog and walk
      > out to the field (generally in the dark) to make sure that there
      > two, neither has exploded from eating too much, and both can trot
      > soundly.
      > Yesterday evening, Heinrich and I had the truck near the shop and
      > were loading furniture for his brother in the bay area that we were
      > planning on delivering after we attended Fremont practice. We were
      > running late.
      > I glance down the road and say "Well, I see one pony."
      > He says "I see the gray"
      > I say "Excellent, 'cuz I see the chestnut."
      > He says "Rosie (the gray) is under the grapefruit tree."
      > "Really, I see the chestnut under the grapefruit tree. Rosie must
      > behind that bush."
      > He says "No, I see her head right there." He points to the pony I
      > looking at.
      > It occurs to me that Heinrich may need to work on on Equine color
      > differentiation in shade with summer evening lighting. So I call
      > out "Crystal". The chestnut raises her head and looks at me with
      > bald face.
      > I turn to Heinrich. "Aren't you impressed that my baby knows her
      > name?".
      > I turn back to the pony who has started walking to where the feed
      > bins are - her way of stating that she deserves a treat for doing
      > trick right. I suddenly remember why I no longer show the "my baby
      > knows her name" trick when I am in the pool.
      > Pouring a couple of scoops (the gray had shown up by then - food
      > makes the other pony's name your own) of Equine Senior didn't make
      > too late for fighter practice.
      > Else
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