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[sca-west] March Crown Page Copy for March (Revisions since Feb Publication)]

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  • Autumn Cardone
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2003

      >To: "SCA West Email List (E-mail)"
      >From: Steve & Heather English >Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 22:42:55 -0800 >Subject: [sca-west] March Crown Page Copy for March (Revisions since Feb >Publication) > >West Kingdom March Crown >San Benito County Fairgrounds, Tres Pinos, CA >March 21-23, 2003 > >March Crown will be held at the San Benito County Fairgrounds in Tres Pinos >9000 Airline Highway, Tres Pinos, CA (just outside Hollister). The >Fairgrounds offer lots of lawn and permanent restrooms. It is close to >shopping and services. Site opens at noon on Friday, and closes at 4 p.m. >on Sunday. The Autocrat and Their Majesties wish to announce that The Eric >will be considered LOUD camp, please keep this in mind when choosing a >place to camp. > >Site Fees: For 13 years and older $13.00 per person, With proof of >membership $10.00, 6-12 years old is $5.00 per person. 0-5 years old free. >Site opens at Noon on Friday for general populace, and closes at 3 p.m. on >Sunday. >Merchant Gate opens at 10:00 a.m. >Horse Fees: Stall Rental (required to use their stalls) $10.00 per Night. >(So an additional $20.00 for the person to have their horse at the event, >above and beyond the Site Fee). These fees are NOT to be paid at Gate, >please see Autocrat for paid placard. Please notify Viscountess Elisabeth >de Champagne dcamville@... if you are bringing your horse. Or >have questions regarding the horses. >RV Fees: $12.00 per Night. (So an additional $24.00 above and beyond the >Site Fee). RV Spaces are available. Some of them have water & power >available (Bring extension cords & hoses). Those wishing RV spaces need to >reserve them with the Autocrat, prior to the event. These fees are NOT to >be paid at Gate, please see Autocrat for paid placard. >Site Restrictions: Horses are NOT allowed on the grass where the Eric will >be. All horse activities will be held in the arena >No Cannons. >Dogs MUST be on leashes at all times. The other end of the leashes must be >attached to something or someone, Clean up after your dog. Be scrupulous, >so that we will continue to be able to have dogs at this site. >A noise ordinance takes effect at 10 p.m. If the sheriff has to come out, >the parties will be shut down. > >Autocrat: Theiadora Groves (Heather English) 408-848-8948 e-mail: >wolfdens@... 7551 Alexander St., Gilroy, CA 95020 >Kingdom Merchant Coordinator: Eric von Steinhaus (Eric Edler) 707-546-7442 >email edler@... > >Saturday Schedule: List sign-up opens 8 a.m. Closes 10 a.m. Invocation at >10:30. Tournament Start at 11 a.m. >Knights Meeting will be Saturday Night, please listen for shouts for >location and time. >Sunday Schedule: >8:30 a.m. Laurels. >9:30 a.m. Pelicans. >10:30 a.m. Court. >11 a.m. Grand War Unit Tournament > >Other events scheduled through out the weekend include: >Equestrian Activities: There will be Equestrian Games. You must be an >Authorized Rider to participate in the games. We will be running >Authorization for those interested. Sign up for authorizations & game entry >will open Friday night and Saturday morning (you need to sign up prior to >the beginning of the Authorization runs...no exceptions!). Classes on Basic >Horsemanship and Groundwork will be held during the break, where you can >learn how to groom, handle, tack and sit on a horse correctly and safely. >VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to act as Ground Crew and Handlers. If interested >please contact Viscountess Elisabeth de Champagne Mists Equestrian Marshal >and EQMiC for Crown at dcamville@... or come by the Chateau de >Camville encampment (large white Gallery with black dagging and a HUGE red >cross on the side) Friday evening or Saturday morning. > >Grand War Unit Tournament: Those who prove themselves to be the best war >unit in the kingdom will be appointed to a one-year term of service on the >War Council of the West. To win the day the unit will need leadership, >teamwork, strategy, and grit. > >The Metalworkers Guild & Brewer's Guild will be co-hosting the A&S >Pavilion. Metalworkers Guild Display: Works in progress. Brewer's Guild >silent auction. >Metalworkers Guild Meeting at 4:00 p.m. >Brewer's Guild Meeting at 3:00 p.m. - everyone is invited to attend. The >West Kingdom Brewers Guild will have a number of opportunities for new >brewers or those interested in brewing at March Crown. Want feedback on >something that you've brewed? Bring a sample bottle to the Guild meeting or >see a Guild representative. No brews? Sign up for our mead making class and >leave with gallon of mead ready to ferment at home, complete with >everything you need for the cost of materials. Contact Master Henry at >(831) 420-1785 or henry@... at least two weeks before the event. > >Arts & Sciences Competitions: (check the white board in front of the Arts & >Sciences Pavilion for more information.) >Fine Art: Heraldic Display. >Practical Sciences: Cheesemaking. >Brewing: Cider or Cyser with documentation. As usual the Guild will also >hold an open competition for any brew that you wish to enter - alcoholic or >non-alcoholic. >Pied d'Argent: Geloxia. >Wooden Spoon: Pre-12th Century Dish > >The Needleworkers Guild scheduled activities include: Mentors Corner: After >invocation. Guild Meeting: 2:30 p.m. - bring your pillow or chair, some >"show & tell" and a friend! >Class: 3:00 p.m. Saturday - Embroidery Beading by Christian de Holcomb >(Discussion and examples). In preparation for June >Crown Contests. Needleworkers will be holding an additional class on Sunday >AM - Beginning Cross Stitch with Jena Whitehart. Both classes are $5 for >kits. > >Spring Equinox Cordial Contest! >All cordial makers are invited to enter this spirited competition. All >entries MUST be in a nondescript, unmarked, long-neck 12 oz brown beer >bottle, appropriately capped or corked and labeled only to category. > Entries need to be submitted at Lodema the Potter's booth on Merchant's >Row, by NOON on Saturday. There will be FIVE categories- Cherry, Berry, >Citrus, Fruit, and Spice - one prize for each category, as well as one >first-place prize for "Best Overall Cordial," The Judging will be done by a >panel of preeminent palates under the watchful eye of Tashi of Falcon's >Claw. Fine, one-of-a -kind, handmade flagons created for the occasion by >Lodema the Potter shall be presented to the first-place overall and the >four best-of-category winners at evening court. > >Directions: From King City, Monterey and South: Take your best route to >US-101 N to CA-156 E toward San Juan Bautista / Hollister, Turn RIGHT onto >Union Rd., Turn RIGHT onto Airline Hwy./CA-25. ***Follow CA-25 through Tres >Pinos and the Fair Grounds will be on your right about a mile out of Tres >Pinos. > > From San Jose, San Francisco: US-101 S, Take the CA-25 exit toward >Hollister, CA-25 merges right going into Hollister. Turn Left onto Santa >Ana Rd, Turn Right onto Fairview Rd, Turn LEFT onto Airline Hwy./CA-25. >Follow from *** > > From Sacramento or Central Valley: Take your best route to I-5 and CA-33 >exit at Santa Nella towards Gilroy, Turn WEST onto CA-33, Merge onto CA-152 >W toward Gilroy. Turn LEFT onto CA-156/Pacheco Pass Hwy. Turn LEFT onto >Fairview Rd. Turn LEFT onto Airline Hwy./CA-25. Follow from *** > >Hope you all come and enjoy, > >In Service, > >Mistress Theiadora Groves >wolfdens@... >Autocrat March Crown > >PS Am Still looking for MORE volunteers to help with March Crown. More >hands keep for light work (i.e. only one shift) Need Gate Help, Herald >Help, List Pages, Privy Restock, Site Clean up, Constable, Marshals, Please >Contact Appropriate Officers listed in Page or the Autocrat to volunteer or >more information. > > >To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: >sca-west-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com > > > >Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/
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