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  • dcamville <dcamville@earthlink.net>
    Greetings... Had a crazy Friday. My 89 year old grandmother (who lives with us) took a bit of a fall on Friday (1/31). Broke her arm in two places and will go
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2003

      Had a crazy Friday. My 89 year old grandmother (who lives with us)
      took a bit of a fall on Friday (1/31). Broke her arm in two places
      and will go in for surgury to repair it on Monday.

      Needless to say Elisabeth and I are a little behind on
      certain "organizational" things this weekend.

      But I did want to let folks know that we have 12 votes on the poll. 5
      yes, 4 no and 3 maybe...not bad. Also had a good response from SCA-
      West as well. Elisabeth said that she'll teach the class for those
      interested. The details are below. YES we will STII have the workshop
      as well...it will be held at 2:00PM in Hayward. Directions to the
      workshop will be posted here as the date draws closer.


      Date: February 16th (Sunday), 2003
      Time: 11:00AM –1:30PM (please be prompt) Workshop at 2:00PM.
      Place: Alameda Creek Stables in Union City

      Details: This class will cover "groundwork" skills. Approaching,
      grooming (including hoof care), equipment recognition and tacking.
      Each student will get the opportunity
      to work with a horse and practice these skills. Depending on the
      class size and aptitude
      some basic saddle skills "may" be introduced. These skills are a VERY
      important part of any equestrians "knowledge base" and many riding
      schools require these skills be learned prior to actually getting in
      the saddle. The glass will be taught in the public parking area of
      Alameda Creek Park (which is adjacent to the Stables) near the picnic
      area. You'll see the horses on your left. Children under 5 years of
      age will not be allowed to participate in the class. All children
      under 16 years of age must be supervised by their parent or guardian.

      NOTE: A Workshop to finish the "tune-up" on the Equestrian Games
      Equipment can finalizing Crown Tourney plans will follow the class at
      2:00PM in Hayward. Lunch will be served.

      You Will Need: Solid toed shoes (no sandals or tennis shoes), clothes
      you can "get dirty " in...trust us, you will…and your favorite
      beverages. Gloves are a plus.

      CLASS DIRECTIONS: Take your best route to Hwy. 880 and head towards
      Union City.
      From the SOUTH exit on DeCoto Road and head WEST. Exit at the Newark
      Blvd./Ardenwood exit. Make a RIGHT at the off ramp. Follow past
      Ardenwood Blvd. This becomes Union City Blvd. You will pass Paseo
      Padre Blvd. and go over an overpass. Make a LEFT on Eastin Street.
      Make the FIRST left into the driveway and follow it into the parking
      lot. You'll see the sign for the Park and Stables.
      From the NORTH exit at the Whipple/Dyer Street exit. Make a LEFT at
      the light. This becomes Dyer St.
      Follow Dyer until it T-Stops with Union City Blvd. make a LEFT at the
      traffic light. Make a RIGHT on Eastin. Make the first left into the
      driveway marked with signs for the Park and Stables. If you miss the
      Whipple/Dyer exit on 88) keep heading south to DeCoto and follow
      those directions. If you get lost call 510-593-9856. Directions to
      the Workshop will be handed out at the class.

      Hope to see you here!


      Elisabeth and Richard
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