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Greetings West Kingdom Equestrians!!!

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  • Rachael
    His Highness and I came home to a very unexpected (and surprising!) request from multiple friends that we make a post to this list explaining what EXACTLY we
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007
      His Highness and I came home to a very unexpected (and surprising!)
      request from multiple friends that we make a post to this list
      explaining what EXACTLY we are doing with My Guard in regards to EQ
      activity. I am not exactly sure what all the hub bub is about but I
      am extremely excited about the many classes we've offered our
      Court/Guard in the past 5 months or so so I am more than happy to
      brag a little bit about it!

      When His Highness won for me, we both sat down and talked about how
      to best give back to the people who would be supporting Us during
      the reign. We also invited my Knight's Counselor, Duke Henrik of
      Havn and my Princess Champion, Duke Paul, to be a part of this

      We decided that we would do our best to expose the court and guard
      to the many cool things to do in the SCA. Of course as Duke Henrik
      was in the midst of planning his Hastings trip, there were many
      discussions about the place of the horse in period and with the
      nobility etc. He was very excited to share this beloved art (and the
      very inspiring viedo of His Hastings trip at a fighter practice), an
      art He felt strongly was an integral part on the path of Chivalry,
      which His Highness heartily agreed with.

      This was one aspect of exposing the court/guard to MANY different
      aspects of the SCA, including Heraldry (class taught by Master
      Hirsch with illuminations done by Mistress Aldith), Costuming
      (German class by Mari Alexander) and so on.

      I know nothing about SCA EQ arts and assumed that we could go to
      Equestirum and find a good place to get some exposure and so we
      started talking about taking a field trip down to Los Osos with the
      guard, camping for the weekend and learning more about the EQ Arts.

      I mentioned this to someone from the area and she described the site
      as having a rather small camping area and the expense of renting
      horses in the area was about $60 an hour, too prohibitive for many
      of my Guard members. Princess Juiliana suggested I work with some of
      my local practices and EQ officers to try and get the guard some
      basic exposure. These all seemed like good suggestions so I
      contacted Mistress Maguerite, who is very close to Bellatrix and a
      friend and Mistress Colette who is the Mists EQ person.

      I asked them to work with Duke Henrik to best facilitate this as I
      am not familiar with SCA EQ. They were very ethusiastic and Mistress
      Colette tried to put together some dates with EQ insurance for us to
      do something more geared towards beginners, with a strong slant
      towards teaching about the Horse in History and their place in
      medieval society and to the Chivalry.

      With Crown, Coronet and Mists/Cynagua War looming it became clear
      that time was not on our side and our busy reign schedule was going
      to make it very difficult, if not impossible to find an open weekend
      so when I heard that Lady Zinaida (the Fabulous) was willing to
      bring Pooka to March Crown so the guard could have a class on SCA EQ
      stuff, His Highness and I were thrilled!

      We asked our Captain of the Guard to help coordinate the class with
      Duke Henrik and Marguerite, but time was extremely short, only a
      couple of days before Crown and we didn't know really when there
      would be time in the weekend with everyone's busy schedule (we had
      20 An Tirians happily visiting/camping with Bellatrix and there was
      a lot of air port shuttling and trying to find tents etc).

      At any rate, while We are highly amused by Our supposed upcoming 5
      hour drive to Los Osos to "go horse back riding on the beach with
      the Guard" (is there even a beach there?) and "quotas" for
      authorizations, these things have no basis in reality. All of the
      classes We have offered have been totally voluntary and we have been
      clear about only doing the things that you are interested in.

      Going to Equestrium was originally discussed but when it became
      apparent there was a way to accomodate the desire to introduce the
      guard to this noble chivalric art (that didn't involve driving for 5
      hours) we decided to do as Her Highness Juliana suggested and work
      with our local EQ experts (and I think we can all agree that
      Mistresses Maguerite and Collette and Duke Henrik are all very
      qualilfied) and local EQ practices to give the Guard members who
      were inspired by the art a chance to get more information and

      Honestly, I have been a bit taken aback by how little support we've
      gotten outside of Marguerite, Collette, Duke Henrik and Zinaida and
      was confused as to why this was the case? So I am relieved that this
      is not the typical EQ newcomers experience and there are some rumors
      that we were not aware of that were causing this!

      I hope this clears up any confusion and if anyone has other
      questions or concerns I am happy to adress them publicly or off list
      if that is easier.

      Ysabella, Princess of the Mists
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