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Call for riders to ride in Battle of Hastings reenactment in England, mid Oct.

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  • henrikofhavn
    From: henrikofhavn Date: Sat Apr 1, 2006 11:08 pm Subject: Call for riders to ride in Battle of Hastings reenactment in England,
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      From: "henrikofhavn" <duke_henrik@...>
      Date: Sat Apr 1, 2006 11:08 pm
      Subject: Call for riders to ride in Battle of Hastings reenactment
      in England, mid Oct. henrikofhavn
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      As some of you may know, there will be held a reenactment of the
      Battle of Hastings on the 940th anniversary of that famous battle.
      It will be held on the weekend of October 14 & 15, 2006, at the
      original battle site near Hastings, in southern England.
      Participation in the battle reenactment is open to anyone ( male or
      female) worldwide! The only requirement is each participant wear
      clothing, armour and carry weapons that are specific to that
      historical event. Since there is no currently acceptable historical
      evidence that women participated in the battle, all participants of
      the reenactment must dress and participate like men.

      English Heritage, a British Governmental institution, is paying for
      all the production costs associated with this event, including
      liability insurance and rental of up to 150 ( or perhaps more )
      english stunt horses. As such, English Heritage sets all acceptance
      standards for participation. This is a public show with an expected
      audience of 15,000 people per day, with ticket sales receipts going
      to help fund English Heritage's annual conservation and restoration
      efforts of historical structures and artifacts in England.

      Folowing is the most recent comments regarding riders already
      registered as wishing to ride in this event:

      Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 15:43:49 +0100 (BST)
      From: Sandra Orchard <orchardse@...>
      Subject: RE: String hauberk?

      Assuming that Alan can afford the same number of horses as EH hired
      last time
      (and we don't know that until all the sponsorshp deals have been
      completed), we
      do not yet have enough riders registered to fill all the saddles,
      even assuming
      they all pass the riding test. If that is the case by the end of
      additional riders will be recruited from other Societies and will
      not have the
      full kit necessary. It will be these riders who will be wearing
      whatever can be
      begged, borrowed or, if necessary hired at short notice, not those
      who will be
      playing starring roles (including dehorsing) in front of the crowd.
      No Society
      can come up with 20 or 30 spare mail shirts at 2 weeks notice,
      however, if
      someone has a fully authentic, and spare mail shirt they can make
      available for
      hire, please let me know. Given a choice EH would also much sooner
      their entire
      cavalry was correctly kitted out and I'm sure would be interested.

      Sandra "

      In this statement, Sandra Orchard (one of the staff hired by English
      Heritage to organize the various reenactor groups and individuals
      wishing to participate in this year's reenactment of The Battle of
      Hastings)was refering to the October 2000 reenactment (in which I
      participated, riding "King" the horse Mel Gibson rode
      in "Braveheart")where only 100 horses were rented for the event.
      What she is saying is that some number less than 100 people have
      registered as wishing to ride as of this date. It sounds like this
      is well less than 100, so if 150 are to be found to ride, a lot more
      riders are going to be needed!

      I can tell you that 100 horsemen divided up into 4 conroys of 25
      each looks a little skimpy among the expected 3000 reenactors. It
      would be much better to have at least 150 riders if not 200 or more.
      A few people will trailer in their own horses from nearby, but with
      Mad Cow disease worries and high fuel costs, I don't think there
      will be many privately owned horses there.

      So now for the reason for this posting ===

      How would YOU like to participate in the most fun historical
      event??? And do so on a fine English steed that probably has seen
      more medieval action than any horse you know???
      It's easy! Just say so and tell the organizers you want to do it.

      Go to the folowing site for general participation registration and
      information: http://hastings.vikingsonline.org.uk/

      Go to the folowing site to REGISTER TO RIDE and get EQUESTRIAN

      The details of your participation as a rider are approximately the
      a) You will need at least a linen (blend is ok) overtunic ("T"
      tunic style), non-modern pants of linen or wool that is cross
      gartered or other period fashion,period or non-modern looking ankle
      high or shorter shoes with flat soles or low heel.
      b) No visible glasses or tatoos ( contacts are fine) or modern
      c)Although some loaner Norman helms may be available, plan on
      having your own if possible. They can be lightweight, as long as
      they look period in shape and metal finish and color.The helm should
      have no neck or face coverings other than a nasal bar. Borrow one
      from a friend if you can't get your own. You should have a mail hood
      to wear under the helm (but a fabric one will likely be acceptable).
      d)You will need a shirt of mail. It should be knee length
      although mid thigh may do, and it should have half sleeves at least
      to the elbow. You should wear a sword scabbard with a hilt sticking
      out of it. It should be a whole sword if possible, but if you don't
      draw it, who will know?
      e)You should have a lightweight (1/4 inch thick - or heavier if
      you prefer) kiteshield with a neck strap (guige strap) to hang it
      from your left shoulder.It should have at least a wrist strap that
      you can slide your hand through so you can handle the reins, while
      it hangs from the guige strap over your shoulder as you ride. It
      should be curved if you can manage it, but flat will likely be
      f)If you wear spurs, they should be simple prick spurs. (the
      horse supplier may tell you not to wear spurs on a particular horse)

      g) COMBAT from horseback will be from Conroy formation in ranks
      of twos or columns of twos. Just follow orders and keep with the
      group. Contacts with the enemy reenactors will usually be simply
      thumping your spear tip against their shield, if you can get that
      close. Mostly it's advancing and withdrawing in formation between
      but after advances and withdrawals of the various groups of infantry
      (ON YOUR SIDE) with a lot of waiting at the bottom of the hill in
      between. You will have a clear path to ride over since Your Enemy
      stays in place at the top of the hill for the whole battle. The
      battles run about 2 to 3 hours or so each afternoon of Saturday and

      There MAY be some loaner shields as well as loaner helms, but try
      not to count on that. The SCA has thousands of borrowing

      h) If you can, bring a 10 foot spear with a blunt steel tip.
      You can make a two piece shaft from a sleve of copper 1 inch (or 1
      and 1/4 inch) pipe about 6 inches long with a dowel that is sized to
      fit inside snugly. Find the desired handle location on the finished
      spear and mark the center of the hand grip. Then make a steeply
      DIAGONAL cut on the shaft so it seperates into two pieces, at the
      center of this location. Now slide the two cut pieces into opposite
      ends of the 6 inch copper tube so they line up with the cut surfaces
      touching each other inside. Drill two cross holes about 1/2 inch
      from each end of the tube through the tube and wood inside. Now fit
      two threaded bolts with nuts through these holes to keep the spear
      together and remove one to sepreate the pieces for transport in a
      ski bag or fishing pole case ( or other case) on airliners. The
      copper can be covered with string or leather to make the handle look
      Note: There is a strong likelyhood that spears will be available for
      loan at the event, since they had about five dozen to loan at
      Hastings 2000.

      THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING was yesterday, March 31, but I think
      they will accept them just a few days late.

      More specific information is available from links through the listed

      Hope you can join me at Hastings this year!

      Henrik of Havn
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