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Re: Horse Bill and Slaughter Update

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  • Else Hunrvogt
    Before I start this diatribe, I d like to point out that (on January 6th, message 3836) I made a respectful request that we keep this very mundane issue (the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2006
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      Before I start this diatribe, I'd like to point out that (on January
      6th, message 3836) I made a respectful request that we keep this very
      mundane issue (the slaughter bill) away from this discussion group.
      Much like religion when you open this can of worms, no one is going
      to be happy.

      My apologies to those I am about to disturb. I can't let HSUS get
      free email publicity any longer without a response.

      First off I would like everyone to be aware the HSUS does some really
      good things. They rescued a lot of animals post-Katrina. They also
      promote several agendas that are not within my value system. They
      may or may not be within yours. Your values are your choice but
      please be aware of an organizations goals - particularly, if you send
      them money.

      HSUS promotes a vegan lifestyle. It is the ultimate goal of the
      organization. They do this through legislation aimed at eroding
      legitimate agricultural practices. Many such animal rights groups
      started by proposing resolutions to the American Veterinary Medical
      Association's (AVMA) House of Delegates. These resolutions were an
      attempt to get AVMA to denounce farming practices. AVMA reviewed
      these practices and found them to be humane on a scientific basis, ie
      AVMA refused to pass the resolutions.

      Next, welfare groups requested bans of processes common in states.
      These failed when legislators were confronted with the science behind
      these practices.

      Finally, groups have concentrated on banning practices in states
      where the species involved/the practice is not very common. The
      Equine slaughter ban in California is a very good example.
      California didn't have any equine slaughter plants when voters put
      the ban in place. Thus there was no one to give the other side of
      the issue. And trust me, as horrendous as the thought of someone
      killing my 17 year old pony whom I have known since she was three
      days old is, there is another side to the issue – a side with
      legitimate arguments.

      I for one do not want to see every aspect of my life dictated by the
      legislature. I urge each of you who have an interest to take the
      time to educate yourself about the issues. Read position papers from
      both points of view. Don't blindly follow the press release on a
      website. If you are going to give money to an animal rights/ animal
      welfare organization, be aware of what their actual positions are
      (Did you know that HSUS is against the use of spurs? Not abuse with
      spurs, use of spurs.)

      For those who would like to explore the actual slaughter regulations
      for all species they are contained with in the #9 Code of Federal
      Regulations. It is a weighty document since it contains almost all
      federal statutes relating to animals. It is much more work to get
      through than a press release, but it is fact. Parts of it are posted
      on the web. I don't believe section with the slaughter regulations
      is webbed any where, but a Google search will reveal locations where
      you can get/buy a copy.

      For those who would like to review the science pertaining to welfare
      issues try http://pubmed.com

      This search engine will give you abstracts from most of the biologic
      journals published in English (or translated into). If you have
      access to a University Library, AGRICOLA is another good search
      engine for animal science journals.

      My goal in this diatribe is not to sway you to my way of thinking,
      but rather to encourage you to think and question on your own. If
      you have educated yourself and decided on a stance contrary to mine,
      that's great, at least you thought. If you would like to discuss my
      view points off list, I would be delighted to share what I know and
      how I reached my conclusions, but this is not the place.

      As I have already taken up too much time on this very mundane
      concern, I return you to your medieval buzz,

      Nancy DT Reimers, DVM, MSpVM, Dip. ACPV
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