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Fwd: Tournament of the Wolf Moon Horse Rentals

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  • Rachael Keish
    This event in in Trimaris (southeast U.S.) an the same weekend of our 12th Night event, but just in case folks wanted to go & rent a horse I m passing this
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      This event in in Trimaris (southeast U.S.) an the same weekend of our 12th Night event, but just in case folks wanted to go & rent a horse I'm passing this along.
      :-), Marguerite
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      Date: Nov 22, 2005 1:23 PM
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      Hello everyone!
      I have some good news.  Glenn, the drover at Suwannee Stables is very amenable to the idea of renting some of his horses for use in the Emprise at the Tournament of the Wolf Moon.
      He is going to get back to me with rate information, which I will post as soon as I hear more. PLEASE do not call him for reservations yet, as we still have a few other rental details to work out.  I promise, as soon as this is locked down, I will let everyone who has expressed an interest in renting a horse know all of the details.
      There are a couple of points I want to inform everyone on about these potential rentals:
      1. These horses have NOT done any SCA games before but a few of them have done things like poles and barrels.  They are all experienced trail horses and were chosen for their nice attitudes.  They have been primarily Western trained, so they neck rein, etc.  I have to say, that having seen these horses, they are the nicest rental string I have ever seen.  The rental string horses look more  like nice privately owned and boarded horses.  That being said, I have not personally handled any of them other than to pet their noses ;-)
      2. Glenn would want to do a desensitization session with those renting his horses on Friday afternoon with the SCA equipment, so anyone renting would have to be on site by early Friday afternoon to attend this session.
      3. There will be a limited number of horses available for rental, and will be reserved in first come, first serve basis.  I do not know yet if this will mean paying a deposit, paying in full or giving Glenn a credit card number, but this is a detail I will have from him by early in the week.
      4. Once we have everything worked out and you call Glenn to reserve, be VERY honest with him about your riding experience and abilities.  If you have your own saddle/equipment you would like to use for the event, please mention it to Glenn.
      I'm very excited at this news, because I have had a number of people express an interest in renting a horse.  I would like to further develop this site for equestrian activities, so a good relationship with the drover will do a lot to help non-horse owning equestrians participate at more equestrian events.
      I just got off the phone with Glenn, the drover at Spirit of the Suwannee Stables.
      There are going to be seven horses available for rent for the Emprise.  The cost will be $75 per horse and covers the hours of the MANDATORY desensitization class on Friday afternoon and rental from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday.  If a horse is not going to work out after going through the class on Friday, Glenn said he would refund the rental fee.
      The rentals will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are interested in renting a horse for this event, please contact Glenn either at Spirit of the Suwannee Stables 386-364-5661 or at his home number 386-364-4373.  Discuss your level of riding with him and any other questions you may have with renting one of the horses.
      Also, if you do rent a horse, let me know so I can put you on my participant's list and don't forget your Letters of Venancy for the Emprise ;-)
      Yours in Service,
      Baroness Brenna MacGrioghair
      EMIC Tournament of the Wolf Moon

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