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Fwd: Golden Lance Treaty/Proposal

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    Meant for the list... ... From: Staffan Arffuidsson To: Viscountess Gwendwyn the Silent Sent: Tue, 01 Nov 2005
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       Meant for the list...
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      From: Staffan Arffuidsson <arffuidson@...>
      To: Viscountess Gwendwyn the Silent <bulotki@...>
      Sent: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 20:07:59 -0000
      Subject: Re: Golden Lance Treaty/Proposal

      I have to agree with both of these posts.  There are a couple of
      comments that I would like to make on the subject.
      First, a little background about myself; this is my third kingdom.  My
      first was the East, its highest rapier award is the Order of Golden
      Rapier (OGR) - Award of Arms; second was the Outlands (DWS), which was
      the second kingdom to participate in the White Scarf Treaty - Grant of
      Arms (eventually); and, finally, here in the West, with it's own
      Courtier to the Crown of the West - Grant of Arms.
      As with the White Scarf Treaty, there would be several who would see
      any Knowne World Wide Grant of Arms as an attempt to get a Peerage
      through the "Back Door".  I have seen this response with what has been
      called the Sport Peerage (It would cover Equestrian, Rapier, and
      Archery).  This always gets the knee-jerk reaction of "NOT IN MY SCA!"
      from many a person.
      I also agree with Else about petitioning the crown for a GoA for
      Equestrian based activities.  Take the time before hand to figure out
      what would be appropriate for the community, as well as the West
      Kingdom in general, then approach Their Majesties.  Also, have the
      names of a few members that you feel best represent the anticipated
      GoA available for the Crown to think about.  If what I have been told
      is true, that is pretty much how they went about deciding the first
      rapier GoAs in our kingdom.
      I will not say don't have the West sign the Golden Lance Treaty, just
      be as thorough as possible on figuring out if there are any problems
      with possible perspectives and the application of the Treaty here in
      the West.
      One of the things that I like about the Western rapier GoA is it
      requires more than "Given for extraordinary skill in the art of fence
      " (Outlands DWS), it requires us to be better people than just a 'hot
      poker' who knows when to show up to fight and, possiblly, teach.
      Finally, even though I still have not been very active in the
      equestrian community, I will gladly offer what services I can to
      promote horse-based activities here in the West.
      In Service,
      P.S. If you would like to know which kingdoms signed the White Scarf
      Treaty, and which did (or will) not, or any thing rapier based that
      might help in any way; please feel free to e-mail me privately.
      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "Viscountess Gwendwyn the
      Silent" <bulotki@n...> wrote:
      Dear Else,
      While I'm not Staffan, I do wholeheartedly agree with your assessment!
       Very well put.
      Excellent suggestions as well. I would also urge those of you that 
      notice your fellow riders exhibit mounted skill-at-arms, leadership, 
      service and creativity to write to the Crown and Coronet with your 
      Yours in Service,
      Gwendwyn, Deputy KEO

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