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EQ Fun Day -- Directions, etc.

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  • Autumn Cardone
    EQ Authorization/Fun Day Sunday, June 4 11:00 am This activity is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours away, people are working on carpooling. For those people who are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
      EQ Authorization/Fun Day
      Sunday, June 4
      11:00 am

      This activity is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours away, people are working on
      carpooling. For those people who are going to the Vinhold Invasion, I strongly
      suggest camping there overnight Saturday night (or getting a hotel room nearby),
      as that event is only about 10 minutes away from our equestrian activity. (Of
      course, that assumes that you take the back roads. It's about 25 minutes from
      the site, if you go back to 101, and follow the directions below from Petaluma.)

      The following is a list of people who are planning to attend:

      Elana of Beckingham
      Stephen of Beckingham
      Vivianne Holt
      Vincent Lyon

      Please contact me if you plan to attend this activity, and are not on this list,
      so I can have a fairly accurate estimate of the head count.

      -- Collett

      What to bring:

      Pants. (Do not wear garb. My horses aren't used to all of
      the different types of garb that people wear, and
      would be very upset by it.)

      Boots, or other closed toed/toped shoes with heals. (If you
      don't have these, we will see what we can do.)

      Sun block.



      Drinks. (lots of liquids)

      Any horse related stuff that you think would be fun.

      Ideas for future activities.

      Grumpy owner stuff:

      (I want all of us to go out and have fun. But, I figure that this needs to be
      said so everyone knows ahead of time.) :-)

      Please remember that these are my babies. So, like any other horse person, I may
      get touchy about how they are handled.

      My biggest rule around my horses (other than don't do things that could get you
      or someone else hurt) is do not hit my horses with either hand, foot, or whip.
      If they need reprimanding I will see to it personally (or give you permission if
      absolutely necessary).

      With this many people getting on them, they are bound to be grumpy as the day
      goes on. I feel that, to an extent, they have that right (so long as they aren't
      likely to cause anyone injury).

      Also note, my horses are only trained in western. English riding means nothing
      to them. This may mean that some people will need a little extra time to get
      used to western signals before authorizing.

      General Warning (not horse related, but important):

      There are three houses on this property. The woman who lives in the middle house
      is crazy. I'm not kidding. She has multiple personalities, turret's syndrome,
      and is generally unpleasant and aggressive.

      Do not talk to her! Even if she talks to you (even if she talks nicely to you).
      Do not look directly at her, either. If you do any of these things, she will
      chase you for hours cussing at you and threatening you. Please, just ignore her
      completely. (Then she will ignore you and leave you alone.)

      So you will know, she has very blond hair; almost bleach blond color. Her name
      is Lorie.

      The rest of the people on the property are nice enough. (The rest are all
      relatives of mine.) My parents live in the house we will be at, and my sister
      lives in the front house. (My sister has light brown to blond hair.)


      (707) 795 - 5090
      5757 Stony Point Road, Cotati

      From Santa Clara County:
      From 101 N. Near the San Francisco Airport, take 380.
      380 merges into 280. Take 280 N. (Follow below.)
      From 280 N. Follow to San Francisco. As you get near
      SF stay in the left lanes (the speed is cut to
      45 mph). These lanes take you onto 19th Ave.
      Follow 19th Ave. through SF and onto the Golden
      Gate Bridge. (At this point you are back on 101.)
      Follow 101, past Navato and Petaluma (approx. 35
      minutes), to the towns of Cotati and Rohnert Park.
      Exit at Hwy. 116 toward Sebastapol. (This is the
      second Hwy. 116 exit, the first one is in Petaluma.)
      Head West/Left on 116. After about 1 mile there is
      a stop light at Stony Point Road. Turn North/Right
      at Stony Point Road. The driveway is on the left in
      approximately .5 mile.

      5757 Stony Point Road, Cotati

      The driveway has white fences and two 200 year
      old oak trees out front. It is IMMEDIATELY
      after the first road to your left (where Stony Point
      is curving to your right). If you pass ANY roads
      to your right, you have gone too far. (I will try to
      put a shield or a banner out at the bottom of the

      When you turn into the driveway, follow it to the
      left, past the tear drop lawn, and up as far as you can
      go. We will be gathering outside of the arena past
      the third house. (Park at the third house.)

      Please drive slowly on the driveway, as there are
      often animals and children running out onto it.
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