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Re: [WestKingdomEQ] General Site Requirements for EQ - Seneschal

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  • dkarp@juno.com
    True - but I do not think sheep pen when I say stall SnS Am I the Siobhan you are looking for
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 31, 2005
      True - but I do not think 'sheep pen' when I say 'stall' <g>


      Am I the Siobhan you are looking for>
    • sgqh
      While we re asking for things and negotiating, Watering the arena - if the site has sprinklers set up for the arena, include their use in the contract (or wow!
      Message 2 of 5 , Feb 3, 2005

        While we’re asking for things and negotiating,


        Watering the arena – if the site has sprinklers set up for the arena, include their use in the contract (or wow!  even a water truck).  (and this is big – if we’re blowing dust everywhere we will be turning spectators off from watching (not to mention the health issues for the horses…)


        Stalls – You mention that there are clean on our arrival,  an assumption I make as a horse person is that the stalls will be clean when I get there, and that I’ll be cleaning mine when I leave.  We might want to include the part of us cleaning up afterwards for the non-horse person autocrat, so that the needed bins to clean up after ourselves are located in the stall area.  And if the stalls have electricity – could we have that on.  (There’s nothing like trying to convince your horse to walk into a completely strange, completely dark stall in the middle of the night after a long haul (bringing back memories of trying to get Sipper into the stalls at Kennewick at 2am)  Also, the electricity is good in case someone gets a cut – there’s power to run clippers to clean it up.


        I don’t know if you have this in the stuff for setting up stalls (for non-stall sites), but it would be nice if we could setup portable pens even on sites with stalls.  I like to “run a corral” off the stall whenever I can.


        If I think of any other wishes, I’ll let you know.



         - Rhodry


        From: Rachael Keish [mailto:rachaelo@...]
        Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 12:18 PM
        To: seneschal@...
        Cc: West Kingdom EQ List; Autumn Cardone
        Subject: [WestKingdomEQ] General Site Requirements for EQ - Seneschal


        Hi Thea-
        Attached and pasted below is my version of the 'EQ site wish' list for
        autocrats to use in contacting & evalutating event sites.

        To the West EQ List:  Please review and if you have anything to add
        let me know!!

        In Service,

        Requirements for Equestrian Facilities at SCA Events

        Below is a list of typical equestrian (EQ) activities performed at SCA
        events in the West Kingdom , followed by the required facilities to
        hold the EQ activities.  I have organized the site/facility
        requirements into 3 categories: Need, Want, and Would Be Really Nice.
        Please let me know if you have any questions/comments, and thank you
        for supporting EQ activities by looking into these at potential sites!

        In service,
        Mistress Marguerite du Royon
        West Kingdom Equestrian officer
        E-mail: equestrian@...
        Phone: (408) 272-2582
        Cell: (408) 592-0223
        Typical equestrian activities performed at SCA events:

        Authorizations: Riders demonstrate that they can safely control the
        horse they are mounted on with the equipment they will be using that
        day.  Equipment typically includes foam boffer swords and wooden
        lances (occasionally metal tipped).  Riders are qualified either as
        Beginner (horse at the walk), Intermediate (horse at the trot), or
        Advanced (horse at the canter/lope/gallop).  Only back-ward swings
        with the foam sword are allowed to prevent accidentally contacting the

        Games:  Note: These are similar to Gymkana, which are popular mundane
        equestrian games.
        -      Ring Tilt: Riders attempt to spear rings that are hanging off of a
        "T" shaped upright using a wooden lance.  The rings are attached to
        the T-uprights using magnets, and vary in size from 1-inch to 6-inch
        diameter. The uprights are placed 21-30 feet apart.
        -      Reed Chop: Riders go straight through a series of ~5 ft tall
        uprights placed to either side of the horse.  They then attempt to
        knock various height reeds off of the uprights, using a foam sword.
        The reeds are attached to the uprights using magnets, and vary in size
        from 2-inches to 10-inches in height. The uprights are placed ~21 feet
        -      Behead the Enemy: Riders go in a figure 8 pattern, weaving left and
        right through four uprights that are ~5 ft tall.  The uprights are
        placed in a straight line (similar to pole pending).  They attempt to
        knock foam "heads" off of the uprights, using a boffer sword.  The
        heads are attached to the uprights using magnets or velcro. The
        uprights are placed 21-30 feet apart, and the activity is timed.
        -      Boffer Crest Mock Combat: Riders wearing helmets with crests on them
        attach use boffer swords to dislodge their opponents crests.  Shots
        are aimed only at the crest, and not the opponent.  Crests are
        typically attached with magnets/velcro.
        -      Styrofoam-tip Jousting: Riders are divided by a line of flagging.
        They approach each other from opposite ends with 'lances' composed of
        a wooden base, a 5 foot long cardboard tube that attaches to the
        wooden base, ending with 2 feet long, 2 inch diameter styrofoam tip.
        They attempt to break the 2 inch styrofoam tip on the opponent.  Note:
        Full contact jousting is not permitted – riders are not
        unhorsed/struck by anything other than styrofoam (which breaks with
        very minimal contact) in this game.


        - Trail Rides or Quests: Riders may be given tasks such as obstacles
        to ride over (small jumps or a tarp, for example), a spear to put into
        a hay bale, or something to pick up and return to the starting point
        as part of a themed quest or trail ride.


        Facility Needs:
        -      A relatively flat open field for the EQ area approximately 70 feet
        wide by 200 feet long (or a site with an arena about this size).  It
        is best if field areas are mowed/have low grass, so we can assess the
        footing in the field for hazards such as gopher holes, pits, debris,
        -      For sites with horse over-nighting: Camping within eyesight of the EQ area. 
        -      For sites with horse over-nighting that have no stalls: We must be
        able to drive tent stakes adjacent to the EQ area to support temporary
        stalls/horse enclosures, which we remove when we are finished.

        Facility Wants:
        -      Stall facilities.  Preferably the stalls would be covered/shaded,
        and 10x20 ft. stalls are preferred to 10x10 box stalls.  Many owners
        prefer rail/pipe stalls to fully enclosed wooden 'box' stalls when
        there is a choice.
        -      Manure disposal/cleaning of the EQ areas. The EQ areas/stalls should
        be cleaned of manure the day before we arrive (and it is useful to
        spell out in the contract the amount money that we pay/do not have to
        pay if this service is/is not performed.)
        -      Running water.
        -      If the site has an arena(s), they should be cleaned of debris and
        groomed/plowed/dragged the day before we arrive (otherwise poor
        footing might make it unusable).  Again, it is useful to spell out in
        the contract the amount money that we pay/do not have to pay if this
        service is/is not performed.

        Would Be Nice if the Facility Had:
        -      More than one arena, round pens, or fenced areas we can use for
        turning horses out would be great.
        -      Nearby trails for quests & trail rides are a big plus.

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