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  • Henrik Olsgaard
    Dear everyone, Here is a copy of Viscountess Genevieves minutes: Minutes for the July 2002 West Kingdom Equestrian Arts Meeting Minutes held July 18, 2002, as
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 23, 2002
      Dear everyone,

      Here is a copy of Viscountess Genevieves minutes:

      Minutes for the July 2002 West Kingdom Equestrian Arts Meeting
      Minutes held July 18, 2002, as recorded by Genevieve de Vendome

      Date: Thursday, 18 July 2002

      Place: Livermore, CA, in the home of Genevieve de Vendome

      Attendees: [\Henrik: I do not know the names of all who attended.
      Those whose names I am unsure of I have placed in square brackets
      [] .] Henrik of Havn, WK Equestrian Arts Minister, Elina of
      Beckenham, Princess of the Mists, Margarite de Royon, Mists
      Equestrian Minister, [Siobhan], Genevieve de Vendome, Cassie of
      Crosston, Alys, Collett of Crosston, Allesandro de Ministrali,
      Kathryn de Langlie, Bethia, [Gad and Gad's wife], Anne of Fawnhaven,
      Elizabeth de Camville, and [the women who sat next to you, Henrik,
      and had grey hair in braids].

      Action Summary:

       Siobhan will create a Q&A format equestrian information pamphlet to
      hand out at events.

       Elina will contact Corporate and the West Kingdom Exchequer to
      correct misinformation regarding insurance coverage of equestrian

       Genevieve will organize a EQ marshal baldric making workshop.

       Siobhan will incorporate suggestions made to the West Kingdom EQ
      Marshal test.

      Meeting Notes:

      The discussion was wide-ranging, loosely structured on Henrik's
      proposed discussion topics. In general, Henrik's topics had an
      overarching theme of trying to get equestrian activities so
      integrated into the West Kingdom that they are considered natural and

      Next Meeting: When and how to meet next was the first topic
      discussed. There was general agreement that online discussions�via
      the existing West Kingdom Yahoo group�was a good method of
      communication. Online, real-time chats were also proposed as an
      alternative to in-person Arts meetings. In person, weeknight meetings
      were generally thought to be to hard to do. There was a consensus
      that we would try to have substantive discussions online, and that we
      would meet Sundays at Kingdom events to finalize plans that have been
      discussed online. The decision of exactly when the next meeting would
      be was tabled.

      Listings: Henrik requested that everyone make sure he has their
      contact information.

      Henrik's Ideas. The following were some of the ideas that Henrik
      presented to make us think about what is possible.

      Types of Meetings: Planning/business, workshops (concept development,
      equipment construction, methodology development)

      Types of Events: Periodic (annual�like Ducal Prize�or 2X/year),
      Educational (historical, production). One important point was that we
      need to build a autocrat staff so that we have a pool of
      knowledgeable people capable of putting equestrian events together,
      and that we need to educate and advocate equestrian activities so
      that non-equestrian autocrat begin to consider the needs of
      equestrian activities as a matter of course.

      Resources: The primary resource is Horses. The pluses and minuses of
      private horses versus rental horses were briefly discussed, leading
      to a discussion of building relationships with barns in hopes to
      getting those barns to allow us to use their horses and facilities.
      Several people are currently in lessons and so will work on building
      positive associations, but no group action items at this time.

      Authorization Definitions: The discussion of rentals brought up a
      discussion of communicating with the Wranglers and riders what
      rider's ability is, thus allowing for proper matches between riders,
      horses and tasks. The consensus was to focus on a balance between
      those three elements, and to present that balance to riders as a way
      to diffuse any possible tensions.

      Possible August Equestrian event in Sacramento: Elina announced that
      such an event is being put together, and that Horses are planned for
      Mist Coronet in September.

      Insurance: This historical bugbear has finally been resolved;
      however, we need to educate those in Corporate and in the Kingdom of
      what the current rules actually are. The bottom line is that
      Equestrian activities are covered by the basic insurance. If the site
      requires to see a certificate of insurance (not all do), that
      certificate can be generated in 30 days for a cost of $50. If you
      need the certificate in less than 30 days this can be done for a fee
      of $100. ACTION: Elina will contact corporate and Aja to inform them
      of the rule.

      Back to events: Possible Equestrian events may be held concurrent
      with existing events, or can be independent, and either can be with
      or without horses.

      Objectives, or Why people ride: fun, learn, just to do it,
      experience, empowerment, comfort (transportation, convenience).
      Henrik postulated where a fighter might decide to ride to the
      battlefield rather than walk, another example of how EQ could be
      integrated into Western life.

      Page: Notion generally accepted that we should pay for announcements
      of EQ activities in the Page.

      Public Education: Some discussion on how to educate people. The
      constabulary flyers at June Crown worked well. Siobhan passed around
      the society EQ publication, Hoofbeats. Group decided that putting
      together a informational flyer to pass out at events was a good idea.
      ACTION: Siobhan will write such a flyer, will be in a FAQ/Q&A format
      (a format type that has successfully been used in the past for This
      the SCA/West-type flyers).

      Marshalling: Discussion of the different types of Equestrian Marshals
      and their roles. Some discussion of how this worked at June crown and
      the pros and cons of formal scheduling. Strong consensus was that
      formal time-block scheduling does not work. Decided to use EQ marshal
      baldrics to help determining who is on duty, and how much marshalling
      is actually available at any given time. ACTION: Genevieve will
      organize a baldric-sewing workshop day sometime after July. Minimum
      of three baldrics requested, will shoot for the creation of 6-10
      balrdics. Design will use the existing West Kingdom Equestrian badge.

      Marshal level discussion continued: The different levels of marshals
      were defined: Ground marshal, Equestrian Marshall in training (EMIT)
      EQ Marshal, Senior EQ Marshal. In brief: Ground marshal: demonstrated
      basic safety knowledge, serves as an extra set of eyes. EMIT: Has
      achieved Advanced riding authorization and working towards full
      authorization. Requires marshalling at three SCA equestrian events.
      Equestrian Marshal: has met event requirements, passed test, may run
      events and make day use rider authorizations. Senior Marshal: "All of
      the above, plus people skills". Must be approved by other senior

      Marshal Test. The meeting ended with a thorough review of Siobhan's
      draft West Kingdom Equestrian Marshall Test. ACTION: Siobhan will
      incorporate suggested changes.

      More may follow later,


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      > > produce something of a summary, but everyone who took notes is free to
      > > them .
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