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4Q 2004 West Kingdom EQ Report

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  • Rachael Keish
    Please see my report for last quarter (attached and pasted below). In service, Mistress Marguerite du Royon West Kingdom EQ Officer
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      Please see my report for last quarter (attached and pasted below).

      In service,
      Mistress Marguerite du Royon
      West Kingdom EQ Officer


      West Kingdom Equestrian
      4th Quarter 2004 Report

      Event Summary:
      October 2nd, Fall Kingdom Equestrian Event - 28 at gate, 16 horses on
      site including 7 Rentals. 5 New authorizations were performed.
      Activities included IKEqC games, mounted boffer crest combat, a
      styrofoam-lance-tip jousting demo, an EQ Arts display, and a period
      helmet covering competition (with prizes for the competition and IKEqC
      games). One new person was authorized for styrofoam tip jousting, and
      2 people were authorized for mounted boffer crest combat. Incidents:
      There was one unauthorized dismount (Richard de Camville, on his horse
      Lexie) in the practice arena, when a horse spooked on the rings course
      and veered towards a horse running the heads course. The oncoming
      horse aggravated the shying horse, who then spun around, making the
      saddle slide sideways (rider came off at this point). The rider
      suffered bruises and was sore, but no serious injuries to report.

      October 15-17, October Crown – 8 horses on site (one miniature, 7 full
      sized), all privately owned. Performed 2 new authorizations. Did
      challenge course and IKEqC games. Incidents: 3 unauthorized
      dismounts, one horse shied sideways & backwards into the arena fence,
      then lost balance & almost tripped (owner & rider, Gwendyn the Silent,
      then came off). Horse's leg was mildly scraped and rider had some
      bruising, otherwise fine. The other 2 unauthorized dismounts were
      from the same horse, Lexie, who galloped (uncontrollably) around arena
      with them one after the other (i.e., after initial incident with
      Marguerite du Royon, the owner Elisabeth du Champagne was going to
      school the horse, but the same thing happened to her). Gallop was
      apparently without provocation; the horse has had behavior issues like
      this in the past. Both riders are Advanced experienced riders and EQ
      Marshals -they intentionally dismounted from the horse at speed. Both
      were bruised and mildly sore, but no serious injuries to report.
      Owner was advised that due to repeated incidents this quarter, horse
      may need additional training over the winter to determine if fear of
      the games equipment is related to the incidents.

      Other Activities:
      Guild meetings are held quarterly, alternating between the Mists and
      Cynagua. Agendas and minutes are posted on the WestEQ Yahoo group
      files section. The last meeting was a workshop held Sunday, November
      21st in the Mists (the guild is trying to hold regular quarterly
      workshops on making EQ Games equipment and caparisons/barding to
      improve our period look on the field). The 1Q 2005 meting and
      workshop will be held in Cynagua

      There are regular riding lessons held monthly in the Mists, with
      English lessons at Garrod Farms in Saratoga. The Western lessons were
      halted since we need to find a new (more reliable) stable. I have
      thus far been unsuccessful at finding a barn for these lessons, and
      have stopped looking until further interest is expressed by the
      populace (the only barn out of the 12 that I contacted that was
      interested will now not call me back).

      The Spring Kingdom Equestrian Event is set for April 23rd, 2005, in
      Cynagua - site TBD. We are working to include more pageantry, an EQ
      Arts display, and competitions (with prizes) to help make the event
      interesting even for those who do not ride.

      Experimental/New Activities:
      There is strong interest in pursuing the styrofoam jousting, an
      experimental activity, and in developing mounted archery/games in the
      West. The main impediment seems to be amassing the required
      equipment, since many riders do not fight in the SCA and need to get
      their armor together.

      There was 1 people authorized to perform the styrofoam jousting this
      quarter, and 2 people authorized for mounted boffer crest combat.
      Expanding the authorized riders to all who are interested will be two
      areas of focus in the 1Q 2005.

      I will try to familiarize myself with SCA archery criteria so that I
      can help those who are interested get this started, but will wait to
      see real commitment from people before investing in equipment.

      Marshallate Matters:
      · Equestrian in The Far West: I was contacted via email with a
      request to help establish EQ activities in the Far West. As I cannot
      travel there, I asked that the person interested in performing the
      office of EQ Marshal send me an EQ resume, and will discuss how best
      to proceed with establishing their EQ Marshallate with Isolde, Society
      EQ Officer, in 1Q 2005.

      · EQ Marshallate/Authorization Database: Gwendyn the Silent has
      coordinated with Mari Alexander, Deputy Earl Marshal and fighter
      database deputy, to take on the EQ Authorizations data base and a
      draft will be available or review at 12th Night (1/8/05). After the
      data base is fully up to date, it will be available for review in the
      West EQ Yahoo Group files section. I have initiated EQ Authorization
      card issuance, with Temporary cards this quarter. The EQ cards can
      Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (B, I, A) Groundsperson
      Authorizations, as well as B,I,A, Rider Authorizations (on the front
      side of the card), and EQ Marshallate requirements on the back. I
      will continue to issue these cards until a person feels they are
      "done" with all levels they wish to attain. At that point I will
      issue dated 'permanent' cards to riders, with the caveat that the
      rider/Marshal must remain active to remain in effect.

      · West Kingdom EQ Handbook: I hope to have a draft of the handbook
      ready for review at 12th Night on 1/8/05, and plan to accept all
      written comments until late March 2005, responding to comments in
      April, and having the final West EQ Handbook take effect 5/1/05,
      concurrent with the new IKEqC Year.

      · Deputies for EQ Offices: I will begin seeking a deputy in summer
      2005, as my warrant expires at 12th Night 2006. The Mists EQ Office
      was successfully transferred to Collett de Rayncheval at Fall Coronet
      2005, and that warrant will expire in Fall 2007. The Cynaguan EQ
      office is slated to transfer in January 2005, and two candidates have
      been proferred for the office: Anton Polander and Gwendyn the Silent.
      Both meet the requirements of the office and either would do an
      excellent job.

      Submitted this 3rd day of January, 2005 (A.S. XXXIX) by Mistress
      Marguerite du Royon, West Kingdom Equestrian Officer.
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