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OT: Invite to a Day On The Green

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  • dcamville
    Hi All... I know this is a tad of topic but I though that some of you would enjoy this event. Hope to see many of you there! Cheers! Richard de Camville
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
      Hi All...

      I know this is a tad of topic but I though that some of you would
      enjoy this event. Hope to see many of you there!


      Richard de Camville

      Greetings! We the members of the Schola St. George-California and
      Chateau de Camville invite you to attend and participate in our Day
      On The Green. Classes in various historical western martial arts
      techniques with renowned local instructors, a Passage Of Arms and a
      potluck picnic will be the schedule highlights! The theme of the day
      is the High Middle Ages and we encourage everyone to dress in a
      period fashion (as your are able).

      DATE: September 11, 2004
      TIME: Site opens at 9:00AM. Set-Up at 8:30
      First Class to begin at 10:00PM
      Passage of Arms to begin at 2:00PM
      BBQ Potluck picnic to begin at 5:00PM
      CLASSES: Italtian Longsword, Sword & Buckler (I.33) and 16th C. Sabre
      PLACE: Sorensdale Park in Hayward, CA.
      COST: $5:00 per person
      RSVP'S: Reservations ARE REQUIRED. Please send us your RSVP NO LATER
      September 5, 2004. Please send your RSVP to: dcamville@...
      DIRECTIONS: From Hwy. 880- Head towards Hayward, CA. Exit EAST on
      the Jackson St./Hwy 92 (if you pass Hesparian Blvd. you have gone the
      wrong way.). Make a RIGHT on Santa Clara Street. Santa Clara Street
      becomes Harder Road. Stay on Harder Road. It will pass under and
      overpass. Make a RIGHT on Jane Street. Follow Jane all the way to the
      end. Sorensdale Park is at the end of Jane Street.
      From Mission Blvd.- Follow Mission into Hayward (towards Call
      State NOT down town). Go WEST on Harder Road (away from the hill).
      There is a Nissan dealership and a K-Mart on the corners of Mission
      and Harder). Make a LEFY on Jane Street and follow it to the end.

      CLASSES: There will be three (3) classes to participate in held in
      succession. These classes (Italian Longsword-Fiore's Treatise, Sword
      & Buckler-I.33 and 16th C. Sabre) will cover a variety of historical
      western martial arts techniques. Classes will begin at 10:00AM with a
      ten (10) minute break between each class. Please bring your usual
      training gear, a beverage of your choice and a good attitude. These
      classes should be fun, energetic and educational.

      LUNCH: Lunch is a BYOL. A 30 minute lunch break is set to occur after
      the last class ends at 1:00PM.

      POTLUCK/BBQ DINNER: The Schola St. George shall provide the grill and
      the protein in the form of Beef and chicken. Please bring a side dish
      to share. Soda and lemonade will be provides. If you have a favorite
      beverage please bring. The site is "dry" so no alcoholic beverages

      PASSAGE OF ARMS: The Passage of Arms shall be held in a period
      format. The rules, concept and armor standards are as follows:
      Concept: To hold a 14th Century Passage of Arms using weapon forms
      and techniques common both TO THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD and CURRENTLY IN
      make every attempt to outfit themselves in kit and clothing in a
      period fashion such as may have been found on the tourney field from
      1100-1500A.D to the best of their ability (some loaner gear will be
      made available). Heraldic/historic display encouraged (but not
      required). Combatants will be expected to act in accordance with the
      Chivalric Ideals and themes of the event. Two "teams" (Vennens and
      Tennens) will come together for single combats. The Tennens will be
      comprised of chosen members of the Schola St. George, Chateau de
      Camville and invited guests on the day of the event. They shall face
      all comers…the Vennens in four (or more as needed) separate passes. A
      Gallery shall be use. The Gallery will be comprised of non-combatants
      who will help take note of acts of valor, chivalry and courtesy as
      well as acts of poor sportsmanship. The Gallery will assist in
      helping to choose the Champions of the Day. A Lady of the gallery
      will help direct the actions and activities of the Gallery.

      Weapon Forms: Sword/Shield (OPTIONAL), Sword/Buckler, 6ft. Spear,
      Long Sword, Poleax and Dagger. Weapons will be rattan, wood waster
      and/or shinai based. To allow participants of various skill levels
      and disciplines to play safely with each other metal weapons will be
      allowed ONLY if both combatants agree to their use and their kit
      approved for safety by the Marshal In Charge.

      Armor Standards: Each combatant MUST have the following: Elbow pads,
      knee pads, groin protection, throat protection, hand protection, some
      form of gambeson or body padding (think period fashion) leather boots
      or period foot wear (no tennis shoes, please) and some form of metal
      helm with a visor or grill or fencing (three-weapon) mask.

      Armor Divisions: These are the three Armor Divisions that combatants
      may equip themselves in. The Medium and Heavy divisions may
      participate in the Light combat forms as well as their own. NOTE:
      These divisions have been created to allow as many combatants to
      participate as possible. Awareness of your kit and what blows feel
      like through your kit is a nessessary skill. A combatant equipped in
      the Medium or Heavy class does not have to remove armor to compete
      against a Light class opponent but MUST be able to acknowledge blows
      and grips performed on their heavier kit. The Marshal In Charge
      (called Knight of Honor) will have final say in resolving any issues.

      LIGHT- This division encompasses the MINIMUM armor requirements
      stated above being Elbow pads, knee pads, groin protection, throat
      protection, hand protection, some form of gambeson or body padding
      (think period fashion) and some form of helm or fencing (three-
      weapon) mask. Lower leg protection in the form of padding or greaves
      is strongly advised. The LIGHT ARMOR combatants may use shinai-based
      or wood waster based weapons only.
      MEDIUM- This division encompasses the LIGHT armor standards and adds
      the following points: Hard (metal, plastic or hardened leather)
      elbow, knee and forearm protection. Body armor that protects the
      kidney area made from heavy leather, plastic or metal. A steel helm
      with a bar-grill or visor is also required. Lower leg protection in
      the form of padding or greaves is strongly advised. The MEDIUM ARMOR
      combatants may use single-handed rattan based weapon forms and all
      shinai/wood waster based weapon forms.
      HEAVY- This division encompasses the LIGHT and MEDIUM armor standards
      and adds the following points: Full body armor (covers the chest,
      abdomen, upper and lower back, Hard (metal, plastic or hardened
      leather) shoulder point protection, Thigh protection and lower leg
      protection (preferably of metal or hardened leather but any padding
      will do). The HEAVY ARMOR combatants may use any rattan based (such
      as the poleax and great-sword or shinai/wood waster based weapon form.

      RULES OF COMBAT: These are the rules to be followed during single
      combat. The rules are here to keep everyone safe. Each combatant is
      given two warnings about rule violations (the first will be at the
      start of the combat). If two violations of the rules occur the
      combatant will be excused from the list.
      1) No strikes of excessive force below the knee. Greaves or lower leg
      defenses (pads) are encouraged.
      2) Face thrust and blows must not be delivered with excessive force.
      The recipient of the thrust should call "good" when struck to the
      face and should accept these lighter than they would to the body or
      3) Grappling may not be taken to full completion. No tossing your
      opponent to the ground or pushing joint locks. Once a lock is
      achieved the combat must stop and the combatants may reset themselves
      as desired.
      4) All combatants must call "GOOD" when stuck with a clean crisp
      blow. Salutes and signs of respect are also encouraged.
      5) Combatants may refuse any challenge given if they feel that they
      are improperly equipped to safely use and defend against a weapon
      6) OPTIONAL Weapon Forms and Combats will be designation as such.
      These weapon forms and combats are as follows: Sword/Shield, Rattan
      based weapons such as the poleax (rattan shafts, padded thrusting
      points and hard rubber wide faced blades) and rattan great-sword.
      Combats at the BARRIER are also OPTIONAL and may be done in one of
      these forms. Full Body Target or "Quarters" (being the head and body
      only). A combatant may refuse to compete against an option weapon
      form or combat if they wish.
      7) All combats shall be to three good blows received.

      THE PASSES: There shall be four passes (more if we need them). Each
      single combat shall be fought until one person receives three "good"

      Pass #1: This shall be an Open Challenge Pass. Each member of the
      Vennens will come forth and challenge one of the Tennens to a single
      combat using one of the weapon forms, which they, by the standards,
      are allowed to use.

      Pass #2: This shall be Long Swords in the open field OR (optional)
      over the barrier. The Vennen will meet the Tennen of their choice at
      the barrier with long sword. The bout will be fought "full body" in
      the open field or "at the quarters" which is the head and body only,
      at the barrier if desired. Thrusts and strikes are allowed. Heavy
      Armored combatants may use the rattan great-swords or poleaxes at the
      barrier as well.

      Pass #3: This shall be Spears/Poleaxes in the Open Field. The Vennen
      will meet the Tennen of their choice at the barrier with six-foot
      spear. Targets are head, body and limbs. Thrusts only with spears.
      Thrusts and strikes with other forms allowed. Combats at the Barrier
      are OPTIONAL in this pass as well. Heavy Armored combatants may use
      the rattan great-swords or poleaxes at the barrier or in the open
      field as well.

      Pass #4: This shall be the Single Sword and Shield/Bucker Pass. The
      Vennen will meet the Tennen of their choice in the Open Field with
      Single (one handed) or Sword/Buckler. Targets are head, body and
      limbs. Thrusts are allowed.

      (Additional passes may be added as time allows. These may take the
      form of Dagger, Sword and Shield or any combination of the above
      passes that the combatants feel comfortable with.)

      THE GALLERY: The Gallery is composed of those individuals viewing the
      competition. It is they, by popular acclaim, along with the advise of
      the Tennens and Knight of Honor, who may choose Champions of the Day.
      The champions shall be those combatants who best exemplified the
      Chivalric Ideals of Courtesy, Prowess, Largess and Valor to the
      viewers and combatants. Each combatant shall, by word (in the form of
      an introduction) and by their Skill at Arms make themselves known to
      the Gallery and their fellow combatants. If the Gallery sees an act
      they deem worthy of recognition they may, upon the completion of the
      combat make their favor known. Cheering for favorites is encouraged.
      If the Gallery sees an act or acts of "poor sportsmanship" they may ,
      once the combat is completed make the action and combatant known.
      (this shall be called Pennence). The Gallery shall be led by the Lady
      of the Gallery.

      OFFICES of the DAY: These participants shall help run the event and
      guide its flow as to comply with any time constraints and combat
      transition that will occur.

      Herald: This will be the Master of Ceremonies for the Day. This
      person will be responsible for keeping track of the passes,
      challenges and outcome of the combats. This person is also
      responsible for keeping the schedule of the day.

      Knight of Honor: This person will act as the Chief Referee and
      Marshal in Charge. All aspects of the combats fall under this Offices
      authority. All Marshals report to this Office as needed. This
      personal will also assist the Herald in completes their duties.

      Lady of the Gallery: This person will direct, focus and assist the
      Gallery as needed. They will serve as an information source as well.

      Marshal: This person (or persons) will assist with all aspect of the
      combatrs and serve a Referees as needed.

      Pages: This person will assist the combatants in preparing for combat
      and help the Marshal is his/her duties. They will also provide
      refreshments of the combatants and Gallery as needed.
    • Rachael Keish
      Just to clarify, this event shuold be great fun - but it s not an SCA event, and there will not be horses there. ...
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
        Just to clarify, this event shuold be great fun - but it's not an SCA event,
        and there will not be horses there.
        :-), Margierite

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