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Re: Horses & Classes at Kingdom A&S

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  • Autumn Cardone
    Alessandro and I will be bringing Tiara and Bud to A&S. Alessandro is planning on teaching a class on trailering. However, I see that it is not listed. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      Alessandro and I will be bringing Tiara and Bud to A&S.

      Alessandro is planning on teaching a class on trailering. However, I see that it is not listed. In fact, we only have 3 classes listed, Elisabeth's "Basic Horsemanship" and "Saddles and Stirrups -- a History," and Marguerite's "Historic Equestrian Training and Games." These classes do fill up the schedule for Saturday.

      Here is the current A&S listing for the Eq. track:

      So, any other Eq. classes we want to have, we need to get organized and to the A&S Autocrats soon.

      -- Collett

      Michael Canfield wrote:
      Morning All...
      According to the schedule for A&S EdC's basic Horsemanship is a two period class running from 9:00AM to 12:00 Noon. Our current plan is to have both horses there to use as "models" and to get them out and about in new places. EdC is also teaching History of the Saddle from 4:15 to 5:45PM.
      For the first half of her first class she'll need a T.A. as RdC will be teaching HIS class on Basic Calligraphy from 9:00-10:30. We're going to try and get someone from the Chateau to help EdC with her class...if we don't get a volunteer we'll put out a shout for help (grin).
      Spoke with The Boss (EdC) this morning and she said "Sure...I'll be EQMiC" which means I'll be the EQ Autocrat. I know we have the insurance in place and that horses can be on site. If a few of us are going to bring horses maybe we can set up short trail ride at lunch? Just a thought. EdC and I plan to lap the horses at least once during the day.
      It would be cool to see an EQ track of classes...but it might be too late to organize such a thing. I'll see if class space is still available.
      RdC (and EdC)
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      Subject: Horses & Classes at Kingdom A&S

      Hi Collett, Alessandro, Richard-
      Elisabeth will be teaching the 2-hour Basdic
      safety/tacking/grooming/groundwork clas at A&S with Lexie, and she & Richard
      will have their horses on site.  Bethia has volunteered to teach a
      kids-oriented similar class (but shorter) to the Page School (especially if
      Nightshade comes & brings Tiffany :-).
      Richard, would you be willing to be the EQ Autocrat for this event, and have
      Sam be the EQ MiC?
      Collett, Do you plan to bring Tiara/Bud? (Or maybe Chief....Tobi's trailer
      has that water bladder.....)
      Also, Collett/Alessandro, would you be willing to teach a class?  I had the
      following - sort of - from the last EQ meeting:
          - Green horse class - How to acquaint your horse with SCA equipment:  
      Collett? Combine w/ running games on foot & how to score the games, maybe?
          - Practice/Running the games on foot and scoring the games: Allesandro
      will make shorter ‘people sized’ equipment by Kingdom A&S
      Please let me know!
      :-), Marguerite
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