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Schedule for Championships Sunday, September 8, 2013

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  • Nancy Reimers
    *2013 West Kingdom C**hampionship Schedule* *Sunday, September 8th* *Marval Stables, Lodi, CA* 9 am Rapier Championship 11 am Equestrian Championship –
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      2013 West Kingdom Championship Schedule

      Sunday, September 8th

      Marval Stables, Lodi, CA

      9 am Rapier Championship

      11 am Equestrian Championship – Non-Martial Competitions          

      1 pm Archery Championship

      3 pm Equestrian Championship - Martial Competitions and Finals

      2013 West Kingdom Rapier Championship

      The format for the rapier championship will be Double Elimination with a best 3 out of 5 final round.  The Rapier List Field will be open throughout the day for pickups and melees.

      2013 West Kingdom Archery Championship

      Format to be announced

      2013 West Kingdom Equestrian Championship

      There will be eight competitions held to determine finalists for the Championship, with two categories of competition, martial (riding with weapons) and non-martial (no weapons used).  Top four finalists will be determined from qualified riders intending to compete for the West Kingdom Equestrian Championship.  To qualify for finals, a rider must compete in at least two of the non-martial and two martial contests. Riders may enter one or all eight contests to win the High Point prize for the day as well as smaller prizes for each competition.  For each competition, top score = 5 points , 2nd = 4, 3rd = 3,  4th = 2, and 1 point for entering but not placing higher than 4th. Championship finalists and High point winner will be decided by the rider's total scores from all competitions entered. 


      Non-Martial Competitions                                                       Martial Competitions

      1.  Franchise (open/freestyle presentation)                            5.  Mounted Archery

      2.  Turn-out (Clothing and tack to be judged)                         6.  Swords Course

      3.  Horsemanship Pattern                                                       7.  Hastiludes (lance games)

      4.  Challenge Course                                                              8.  Mixed Weapons Course


      Description of competitions:

      1. Franchise: Riders have two minutes to demonstrate their skill and horsemanship to the judges in an open or freestyle presentation. To be judged on the performance of both horse and rider as a team and weighted by the difficulty, skill and panache displayed in the  team's demonstration. 

      2.  Turn-out: Documentable ensemble of clothing and tack from a specific culture and period. Riders will follow the judge's instructions and be prepared to answer questions from the judges during the competition. All competitors will ride at the same time in the same ring.

      3.  Horsemanship Pattern: Rider's choice of one of three patterns with compulsory movements will be judged on precision, equitation and difficulty/complexity of pattern. May be ridden at any suitable gait.

      4.  Challenge Course:  90 second time limit. Elements may include pole weaving, carrying/dragging an object, backing through rails, step-over obstacles, low hurdles or pass-through. Riders must attempt each element within the time limit, but the elements may be run in any order, elements are not repeatable.

      5. Mounted Archery: Two standard five ring targets at 15 ft and 30 ft distances from the lane. Rider will have two runs with two arrows each.  Gait multiplier (walk x1, trot x2, canter x3). Highest score from four arrows wins.

      6.  Swords Course: Timed. Behead the enemy, reed-chop drill and cutting vegetables. Each missed target adds five seconds to total time. Lowest time + fewest missed targets wins.

      7.  Hastiludes: Timed. Quintain, javelin throw, shield spearing. Minimum of two full spins on quintain, or attempt counts as a miss. No bonus for more than two full spins. Each missed target adds five seconds to total time. Lowest time + fewest missed targets wins.

      8.  Mixed Weapons Course:  90 seconds to complete as many mixed elements from 6 and 7 above with at least two weapons changes during the run. Each element may be attempted no more than twice. but not in succession. Each target will have a set value.

      Versatility Award

      The Companions of the Order of the Western Gold Scarf are celebrating this inaugural combined Championship event by sponsoring a versatility award.  Participants can earn points by helping with, trying out, or competing various activities. The individual who garners the most points will receive a special prize. 

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