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An Tir - West War Equestrian information

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  • robertodekirk
    Equestrian activities currently being sponsored on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: • Battle of Champion s on the war field • Jousting and Jousting training
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2013
      Equestrian activities currently being sponsored on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:
      • Battle of Champion's on the war field
      • Jousting and Jousting training
      • Self- guided questing trail ride
      • A challenge course with equitation elements
      Don't see what you want? Get in touch with me to sponsor an activity. We are looking for sponsors for:
      • Mounted archery
      • Mounted processional around the site
      Access and Parking for horses and trailers:
      • Trailer access is through the East most gate leading to the Overflow Parking. This is a 24' gate; most trailers should fit through.
      • Once there head to the Western end of the lot where we will have trailer parking set-up. You may park there and the stalls will be large enough for you to put up your horse paddock next to your trailer.
      • Please let me know if you are coming so I can set-up enough stalls.
      Camping near your horses:
      • Camping near your horses is the safest thing for them.
      • The West most edge of the Equestrian parking, just East of the Dry Ditch, is available for non-period tents.
      • If you have a period pavilion/encampment we have reserved the Eastern edge of the period camping, just West of the Dry Ditch, for equestrians.
      • Please camp in these areas; we equestrians always manage to have a good time when we camp close to each other.
      • This will also create a buffer between our horses and the rest of the War Camp making everyone more comfortable.
      Barn Stalls:
      • Yes, you can reserve a barn stall (in the barn of all places). This is on the opposite side of the event and will require riding on the main road
      • You will still need to park your rig in the afore mentioned parking stalls. This will allow you to have all your tack close to the competition field.
      • Cost is $25 for the event and includes a bale of bedding.
      Panel Pens:
      • A very few will be available (approx. 4) for you to rent to put up next to your trailer.
      • They will be set up when you get there and may only be set-up next to your trailer.
      • Cost will be $15 for the event, no bedding.
      Haul in fee:
      • No definite decision has been made yet on haul in fees to cover insurance, water, and event expenses. Plan on $10.
      Water and Feed:
      • We will have water on site, but it may be at a distance. We are currently working on getting a water line run out between the Equestrian Field and the Trailer Parking.
      • Remember to bring water with you, at a bare minimum 10+ gallons per horse. They will need to be watered frequently on the journey to the site AND you will need to give them some "home water" at the site first and introduce the local water to them slowly. Lack of water is a very common cause of COLIC.
      • There is a local feed store that has hay available (Gold Beach Lumber Yard, 16016 Highway 101 S Brookings, (541) 469-6617). I will be making a run there so if you want hay please pre-order with me.
      o Orchard/Blue Grass mix - $18.49/bale – 100# bale
      o Orchard/Alfalfa mix - $26.49/bale – 130# bale
      o Straight Fescue - $18.99/bale – 100# bale
      o Straight Alfalfa (very high sugar, very hot) - $19.99/bale – 100# bale
      • Remember that this is local hay, not what your horse is used to. Bring enough hay for your horse to have plenty on the way up AND enough for your horse to have "home hay" when they get there and then introduce the local hay slowly. Sudden diet change can cause COLIC.
      On Call Veterinarian:
      • Primary:
      o Gold Beach Veterinary Clinic (large animal practice)
      o Barbara Barke vet.
      o 541-247-2513
      • Secondary:
      o Town and Country Veterinary Clinic (mixed large and small animal practice in Brookings)
      o Multiple vet practice
      o 541-469-4661
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