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horse adventures

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  • Dianne Karp
    Reason number 1 why you might NOT want to own a horse - they are very good at trying to kill themselves. Came home at 7pm. Immed got out of car to feed
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2013
      Reason number 1 why you might NOT want to own a horse - they are very good at trying to kill themselves.
      Came home at 7pm.  Immed got out of car to feed horses.  Ardee is standing there with what looks like "happened in the last 5 min" gapping wound on her left hind leg below the hock  down to the fetlock- flesh hanging down, blood dripping freely. CRAP.  Called vet as this is NOT something I can deal with.

      Standing sedation.  Exmaination.  Nice thick fleshy strip. No apparent damage to tendons.  Whew.  Antibiotic shot.  Attempts to put in Litocain(sp) to numb area for stitches.  Ardee will have none of THAT.  More Sedation.  Twitch Of Doom to 'twitch her face off'(quote from vet)..  NOPE - still trying to kick vet's face off.  Discussion of dropping her down outside the barn or taking her 20 miles to the nearest surgery.  Vet decides that she and I (and I worke up Mark to help) can do this if we prep her first then drop her and do stitching FAST.   (Vet mutters "I probably wont kill her with Kedamine) Ardee is fine for poking, cleansing, shaving - just no needles allowed near big nerve in leg, apparently.

      Drop her outside barn.  I sit on her neck.  elevate leg.  Begin stitching with Mark holding hoof proped up on bucket. Vet works fast.  HOrse starts to come out of sedation (REALLLY??!!??).  MOre sedation.  VET works FASTER.  Stitch stitch staple staple.  Warning from me - you have maybe 2 min - her breathing is changing.  Vet says - I need 3.  Works FASTER.  Horse all stiched and wrapped just in time.

      Then comes the 10 min circus of her coming out of sedation - staggering, falling, flipping over  Getting leg caught on something, slamming her face into a post. Finally comes out of it enough to stand like a drunken sailor - or newborn foal (take your pick of visuals). 

      Now in stall for a week. Tiffany gets to stay with her for company.

      The bill?  not sure yet - in the hundreds, for sure.

      Time done - just before 10 pm.  This am she is putting wgt on leg and wickering for her breakfast .  little swelling, no sig discharge.  YEAH!
      Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP
      Dianne Karp
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