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FW: [Caid-Equestrian] GWW EQ camp info

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  • Scianna Augustine
    FYI, please see information below from the GWW Equestrian Campmaster, Lady Tierrynna. --Sionnach GWW Eq Steward From: Caid-Equestrian@yahoogroups.com
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      FYI, please see information below from the GWW Equestrian Campmaster, Lady Tierrynna.


      GWW Eq Steward


      From: Caid-Equestrian@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Caid-Equestrian@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of dancing tiger
      Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 10:20 AM
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      Subject: [Caid-Equestrian] GWW EQ camp info



      Greetings all.

      We're about two weeks out from GWW! I have not gotten the official map location from land allocation yet. But have been assured that our location is pretty much secured.
      I would like to ask if we have any special needs in camp that may require a porta potty to be more convienantly placed?
      If so please contact me asap.
      Regarding camp layout. Several of you have camped with us before and are pretty familiar with how camp sets up. I personally will not be on site until Thursday. ( I have to work) However people will be there.
      In general for those new and returning, our location is the area next to the arena and our horses. As you come onto the sight The EQ area is the first thing you'll see off to your right. Theres a hill up to the grassy area and that is where we camp.
      There are some trees and our camp has a nice cement pad next to some trees, a water spicket, and I think a picnic table. The cement pad is where the kitchen with the stoves and such will be going. Directly in front of that facing the arena's is the center of camp. We tend to circle around that but we do have a path/ road going out the back of camp that needs to remain open so that we can enter and exit toward the rest of the event/sight etc.
      Whereas we aren't trying to creat a "period" encampment, I'm not worried about mundane tents versus pavilions as to who is next to who etc. We have a couple of "households" with pavilions that will group together. Lets try and keep kinda a circle facing in so everyone is welcome and we all are included in our Equestrian family.
      Friday night is our camp potluck. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate and share in food and comraderie.
      Lets shoot for 6:00pm on that.
      Will anyone be bringing a fire pit? I personally don't own one. If you have one and intend to bring it for community usage that would be wonderful :) On that note, if people can and are able to bring some wood for our community fire that would also be lovely. If you don't already, including a fire extinquisher in your general camp equip is highly recommended. The fire marshals love to see those near fires, kitchens or even just next to your tent.
      There is a big pond/lake onsite and we're pretty close. So don't forget your human bug spray. There are mosquitos, and last year there was a west nile alert for the area. Make sure your horses are up to date on their west nile just as a precaution. Make sure you bring plenty of fly spray as well.
      For those new to this site, There is a community relatively close, about  a 15-20 minute drive with a costco, super walmart and other grocery and drug store services etc. I encourage you to google map the area and check those out for your reference. Also, just as a courtesy often people go to town, if you are going into town maybe just ask if its not to much trouble, if anyone else needs something.
      I look forward to seeing you all. Remember we all share a common passion, so as I'm sure is common sense and courtesy, keep an eye out for eachother, our camp, and of course our horses  to make sure everything is safe, secure and taken care of.
      Thank you!
      In your humble service

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