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Gaston Phebus - Horses and the Period Play Space

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  • Elsie
    Greetings All, First off I d like to send a big Thank You out to Mistress Margeurite and Viscountess Juliana for each playing hostess to a Gaston Phebus Garb
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2012
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      Greetings All,

      First off I'd like to send a big Thank You out to Mistress Margeurite and Viscountess Juliana for each playing hostess to a Gaston Phebus Garb and Barding Workshop. It was great to see so many folks out copying patterns, sharing ideas, and generally being historical horse and food geeks together. I am so excited about the plans people are making to create this period-play-space event.

      Secondly, I've been pondering site layout and logistics. I've done a bit of scratch pad figuring based on who has told me they will definitely be there and who has told me they will maybe be there.

      By my counts (2.5 months out), we are likely to have 5 GN trailers, 6 BP Trailers, and 23 horses. If all the maybe's come too we could easily have an additional 2 GN trailers, 5 BP Trailers, and 24 horses.

      Now while I fully expect that life will intervene for some (as it does), we should all look forward to an action packed day of playing with lots of our friends. Regardless of how many come out in the end, the autocrat staff is more than prepared to handle these potential numbers. We do ask for some cooperation from everyone to help us preserve everyone else's medieval mellow.

      We will likely need to park the trailers in such a manner that not everyone will be able to tie at their trailers to tack up/down. We will leave enough space between trailers to access tack and dressing rooms and lead a horse past. There will be a row of pavilions separating the trailer parking from the period-play-space picnic area. The horse stabling area will also have the slight visual barrier of a dense post and rail wooden fence between it and the period-play-space picnic area.

      There are lots of fences and tie rails in/near the horse stabling area. In addition to the modified trailer access, we will have one or more arming pavilions set up for Equestrian use in the stable area. We do ask that everyone make an effort to keep the stable areas and tie areas picked up and tidy, both for visual appeal and horse safety.

      There will be a Pig Table (with a winged pig on it) located in or behind the arming pavilion(s). If you come across items left loose by your fellow hunters, please place them there. If one of your items winds up on the pig table, please be aware that the Shire of Canale has been known to do diabolical things with unclaimed items left in its clutches for more than one month.

      There may be a few new-to-the-SCA riders joining us. If everyone could help the autocrat staff in gently indoctrinating these riders to stay in garb (loaner garb will be available at marshal's point), to maintain a tidy stable/trailer area, and to make a reasonable effort to keep a-historic items out of the picnic area and off the hunt field, it would be greatly appreciated.

      I look forward to everyone having a great day of even more historical horse and food geekiness.

      Thank you for your cooperation and your assistance,

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