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update on Mg therapy

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  • Dianne Karp
    It is confirmed. Ardee really is different. We ve gone to 2 community riding lessons that Lynn is holding for valley residents who want to get better but
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      It is confirmed.  Ardee really is different.

      We've gone to 2 'community riding lessons' that Lynn is holding for valley residents who want to get better but are either don't want hunter/jumper lessons or just are not interested in the very precise tweeking she normally does (she still has them jumping tiny cross rails - and they are SO excited!).  It has been very popular and some folks have decided they want to step up to the more focused lessons.

      Anyway, Ardee did well, stood quietly at the trailer both before and after the lessons on her own ( including in the dark and loading in the dark cuz they don't start until 630 and eat snacks and socialize afterward).

       Lynn says 'sooooo...."


      Today we had our first focused lesson since starting the Mg suppliments.  Ardee moved out.  She did not need her 'wake up stick'.  She picked up her leads correctly  She collected at the trot and the canter.

      She jumped _bounces_ (jump/land/jump - eg 'bounce') with a 2 stride at the end!!!!!!!!  At first it was set up with the first and third rails half down and the second and 4th completely down with the 2 stride set at about 18 inches.

      Then all the rails went up to about 18 inches.  Ardee approaches - long look (That's different! she says) and proceeded right over them.

      OK, so we did have 2 hard spooks - once when a hound came out from under the judges stand right in front of her and the second - well not sure what she caught out of the corner of her eye.  The Perf Eq folks seem to be right.  She panicked less strongly, recovered faster and went on as if nothing had happened.

      My mare has a brain and can focus!!!!  yippeee!!!

      Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP
      Dianne Karp

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