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Photos of saddles and other "Prince Caspian" stuff

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  • Natalie W.
    Greetings!   Photos of the saddles and some of the other gear from my visit to the Prop Warehouse in North Hollywood yesterday are up on my Flickr account.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2010
      Photos of the saddles and some of the other gear from my visit to the Prop Warehouse in North Hollywood yesterday are up on my Flickr account. Enjoy and feel free to forward.
      (More photos to come as I going back to pick up more stuff on Wednesday)
      There are 27 saddles total. Half are spoken for...they are going fast. If you want one and haven't contacted me yet, please do (they are $295 plus shipping...size details below).
      I won't have prices or other details on the other stuff until next week as I'm still negotiating with the Prop shop. I'm focussing on the items that are 'real' not fake/prop quality. For example, there are a ton of Telemarine shields but they are resin/plastic and foam and would never hold up even for SCA boffer combat! The majority of other armor is also plastic/prop stuff. However, there is a small percentage that is steel leather and wood, and would be SCA-legal and that's what I'm focussing on.
      I have acquired a number of medieval-style saddles from the "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" movie, specifically the cavalry saddles that the "Telemarines" rode in the big Narnians vs Humans battle scenes. I am selling these saddles for $295 plus shipping (via UPS Ground).
      Saddle Specs:
      • Gullet width 7 to 7.5" (full QH trees), nicely padded (English/Spanish style undersides) Trees are WIDE in front and extra wide in the back.
      • Tree length 21 to 21 1/2 inches (again, QH equivalent) some variation noted between the saddles I examined.
      • All the leather seems to be soft, serviceable, decent. Some fading and scuffing but otherwise, about the quality of a mid-range Dressage or Western Saddle. No Asian-urine-cured leather stinkiness.
      • Most saddles have leathers, some have irons, girths etc.
      • Seem to be built on the mid-quality asian-made Spanish/Portuguese "bullfight saddles"...not the cheap, stiff, narrow, lopsided "piezocrap" ones that sell for $200 but the higher quality ones that go for around $400-500 on ebay I'd say.
      • LOTS of dee rings for attaching peytrals, breeching (britchin) etc front and back which is a. Nice feature.
      • Suede seats (all a bit worn/scuffed). These saddles were clearly USED!
      • Where stirrups were present they appear to be custom made, wide bell bottom, narrow top.
      • Seat size is a bit tricky. The saddles were built on standard sized bullfight saddle trees, probably equivalent to 16" western seat size. They measured from 17" to 18" when measured from the middle of the cantle to the middle of the pommel, and 13." to 13.5" from front to back of the seat area directly on the suede over the tree. Because the pommel and cantle of these saddles have been built out to include the medieval, Henry V style front and a thicker cantle, the additional "stuff" effectively reduces the size of the saddle. I'm gonna call them 15.,5" inch WESTERN seats. If you take a 16" Western/18" English saddle as I do, things will feel snug but rideable. In fact, the saddle I picked for myself feels a lot like my Australian saddle...a snug fit that holds my butt on the horse even through years of starting rambunctious colts, climbing mountains, chasing cows, oh and jousting and gaming.

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