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eq waivers at events policy

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    Duke Eringlin, SEqO and Rowan, WK Seneschal, have conversed regarding when and how eq site waivers will be signed. At the bottom is what Eringlin had to say
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2010
    Duke Eringlin, SEqO and Rowan, WK Seneschal, have conversed regarding
    when and how eq site waivers will be signed. At the bottom is what
    Eringlin had to say and above is what Rowan has decided.

    Please ensure that, if you are the eq autocrat and/or eq MiC, that you
    are following this policy.



    cc Rowan and Sven

    Hi all
    Well based on what is written and his advice as Society Equestrian. I
    say when the equines are going to be used in areas of normal traffic, ie
    eric space or a loosely controlled environment then we have everyone sign
    waivers at the gate. But if it is a site where the equines will be using
    a arena or similar secured and fenced facilities then we narrow the
    waivers to those people who will be using that area and make it the
    Equestrian officer in charge of that events responsibility to make sure
    that the waivers are properly signed and turned in. Any more questions?
    Cause I'm from the Government and I'm here to confuse!
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    Subject: RE: Questions concerning policies


    Aside from Society waiver policy, the only relevant policy for waivers
    specific to Equestrian activities I am aware of is the is the following
    section of the Society Equestrian Handbook:

    III.B.3.(b) Verify that all required health, safety and transportation
    documentation has been collected from those participating in equestrian
    activities. This includes collecting signatures on the appropriate waivers
    from those who have a high probability of coming into contact with equines.

    There is no specific definition of "coming into contact with equines", or
    "high probability", for that matter, but I would suggest that the need for
    equestrian waivers would be dependant upon the nature of the particular
    activities concerned and the site at which they are to be held. If the
    equines are to be confined within a specific area at an event, equestrian
    waivers need only be collected from those individuals who will be in that
    area. If equines are to be allowed in areas where the general populace is
    likely to come into contact with them, it would be necessary to collect
    equestrian waivers from from the general populace. This has been facilitated
    in some Kingdoms for events where equines are in contact with the general
    populace by requiring the equestrian waivers to be signed by everyone as
    they enter site in addition to the usual waivers. An assessment will need to
    be made based upon the aforementioned probability of contact, and proper
    action should then be taken accordingly. Your Kingdom can obviously opt for
    whatever methods work best for you to collect whatever waivers you judge to
    be necessary for your events in consideration of these policies.


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    Cc: Sveinn; Laurie (West Seneschal) Hupman
    Subject: Questions concerning policies

    Hello your Grace,

    In the West Kingdom there has been some question as to when the equestrian
    waiver needs to be filled out. One group believes that all participants at
    a Kingdom event, where there are equestrian activities are being held, need
    to sign the waiver. The other group believe that only those who plan on
    participating in the equestrian activities at said events should sign the
    waivers. I have checked both Kingdom law and Corpora and neither truly
    specify when this particular waiver is required (unless I missed it, which
    is always possible). Could you please help us out and point us in the
    proper direction? Thank you for any help.

    In Service to the Dream,
    Baron Rowan Buchanan
    Seneschal of the West

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