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9801Turlock Saddle Shop

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  • Elsie
    Mar 2, 2010
      I had promised some of you a report on the Side Saddles and Portugese saddles at the Turlock Saddle shop.

      I had a chance to pop by yeasterday and sit on and handle both.

      The Side-Saddles come in black. The one I sat on was a hair short for me. It has a nice wide gullet and appears to be built on bascially and English all purpose tree. It was stable on the saddle rack with no girth or stirrups. I would change the angle of the leaping horn a little (which is fairly easy to do) to fit me better. The leather was descent quality. Probably not something I would want to hunt all day on, but at $195, not a bad option for a saddle to hack around on a little.

      The Portuguese saddles were very comfortable and encouraged a really straight leg position. The gullet was wide and shallow. I suspect the saddle would tend to roll or rest on the spine with the wrong horse-rider combination. Descent quality leather. The $195 price tag is hard to argue with, recognizing that it is not the same quality as some of the European produced saddles.