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9074Re: [WestKingdomEQ] Re: talk about bad articles!!!!!!

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    Jul 2, 2009
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      > Now see, this is really confusing. I thought draft horses were bred by
      > the ansestors of the Incas in the high Andes mountains, because they
      > didn't have wheels, to carry heavy loads. Then the ice age set in -
      > starting at the tops of the highest mountains and working down to the
      > lowlands. The ice age then drove the drafts up into Montana where the
      > Tyranosaurs ate most of them. Recent discovery of a fosilised tyranosaur
      > mummy has allowed scientists to do radiographic studies of this
      > tyranosaur, including it's internal organs and they've found it's stomach
      > and the food it ate. There seem to be distinct evidence it included a
      > draft horse, according to the national inquirer magazine! And bat boy was
      > riding it!

      To look at you, Your Grace, one would not suspect such an evil sense of
      humor. I nearly snorted my morning coffee out my nose.

      If Your Grace, with his wisdom and experience says This Is The Way It
      Happened, it MUST be so!

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