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73Re: [WestKingdomEQ] ping - horses at upcomming events

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  • Rachael O'Brien
    Apr 24, 2002
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      Hi all-
      Sorry, I forgot to mention that based on the Page copy (the June Crown site
      is a working ranch) the June Crown horses look like they're western. I'll
      let you know what I hear from Elina on western vs. english at Investiture.

      I'd suggest that we all go to the SCA west website, Marshallate, Equestrian
      at http://www.sca.org/officers/marshal/combat/equestrian/index.html and
      print the equestrian handbook so we are all familiar with rules such as the
      one Elina mentions below. I could only get pages 1 to 19 to print, so I
      emailed Iseult to ask where pages 20-72 are.

      In addition, the Interkingdom Equestrian Competition webpage at
      http://scaikeqc.homestead.com/introduction.html has good information on the
      Eq. games and requirements.

      Also about the games, Elina said:
      >>Let us clarify this a bit. Saturday we will be doing authorizations and
      >>for those who were previously authorized we will run the games for
      them. Those who authorized that day will be able to run the course, but not
      for time as the rules say you can not run the course for time the same day
      you authorize on it.

      On Sunday, we will run the games.

      Elina <<

      Will many of you be attending Investiture?

      :-), Margierite

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