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6938Re: Possible Event Concept. Looking for Feedback/Discussion (kinda long)

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  • tlwhyte17
    Jan 1, 2008
      Happy 2008 everyone! Brandee and I wish you and yours a healthy and
      happy year. :-)

      On to the question at hand. I'm a bit pressed for time, at the
      moment, but I wanted to give my initial 2 cents.

      First, with the caveat that I know that I'm a minority of one on this
      point, why does everything have to be a competition? The Nov. 17 Caer
      Darth event the most fun I've ever had on a horse at an SCA event. A
      big reason for that was because running the course was supposed to be
      fun first and the idea of compeating was a distant second.
      In that non-competitive vein, I have a dream of participating in some
      sort of carousel (sp?) -- look pretty and ride in formation. But
      given my level of riding and Brandee's current abilities (we're
      making progress, but we're never going to the Olympics, folks!) it
      won't be a show-quality kir. Should we not do this because it's not
      of a competitive quality? I don't think so, I think we should do it
      because it would be *fun*.

      Another key thing that made the Caer Darth event so enjoyable was
      that there was plenty of space to just noodle around on one's horse --
      there was no having to wait around to run the course with nothing
      else to do. I got to play in the dressage court a little, and there
      was a cross county course, which allowed on to walk around but you
      were close enough to the event to keep track of what was going on.
      And the challenge course itself was very fun, with a lot of variety.
      Haveing the manpower to set up it and do ground crew was a big
      requirement, though.

      I think I have more to say on this topic, but I'm still thinking
      about it.

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