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6936Re: Possible Event Concept. Looking for Feedback/Discussion (kinda long)

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  • Else Hunrvogt
    Jan 1, 2008
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      I could see this event going two directions. The first would be an
      Emprise/Pas type concept. The second more of a country fair....

      In my head, Pas are team on team or one on one type of competition
      and may not lend themselves quite as well to what you have in mind.

      I think a "Horse Show" (if that is what you are proposing) would
      probably fit best into the Country Fair concept.

      Judging: Group or Individual - Do you let the gallery distribute
      small favors to their favorites or do you bring an individual judge?

      Breed Standard vs. Individual Preference - Most Horse Shows are judge
      to a breed standard. In open shows, each horse should be judged
      against its own breed standard. If the warmblood isn't much of a
      warmblood, it might get beat by the shetland who is a fantastic
      example of the breed. Celebrity judges (Think Concours de Elegance)
      and gallery judging will generally be along the lines of personal

      Period vs Victorian vs Modern Preferences - What would you like to
      see you turnouts emulate? Horses Shows (as best I can find data) are
      a Victorian or Modern concept. What your judges "pin" is the
      direction your competitors will travel. The gallery is likely to
      pick a "Victorian Ideal of what Period Equestrians" should look
      like. A random horse person is likely to award modern ideals.
      Someone who is studied in period activities is likely to award his or
      her interpretation of the period ideal. Each approach is valid.
      Each is going to effect what you see at the show (especially if you
      do it more than once).

      Timing: One of the things that helps one be a bit more calm
      when "the judge screws up horribly" is the idea that it's ok, there
      always another show. Kind of like it's ok Crown is going to happen
      again in 4 months. One downside of making this a be all, destination
      event is that you are likely to ramp up expectations and

      Hopefully that will help the ruminating along,

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