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6399Re: Speaking of Trail Riding - Anyone interested?

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  • Lizabeth
    Aug 2, 2007
      Will check out if they allow or have rental horses. Not sure about
      that. Will also check on how hot it is out there... as I personally
      am a heat wimp.. Will also see if they will allow other fun stuff
      like driving, archery, javelin and the like. When I spoke to Connie
      on the phone she was like cool.. yet of course that can change.. It
      seemed close enough to me on the map ( ie closer then Elverta) and
      not a bad jaunt for my Cynagua cousins..

      As far as distance, coming from Santa Cruz is a pain. No good routes
      to any major freeways. Yet to get the Elverta Site takes me, with
      trailer about 3.5 - 4 hours assuming I "miss" traffic ( ie leave
      butterscotch early). If I hit traffic... well.. *sigh*...

      It is nice if the site is off the major freeways, I-5, 99, or 80.
      I am not so keen on driving 30 miles on a windy road that I dont

      Lady Zinaida Or'Shinaia!

      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "Else Hunrvogt"
      <nancyreimers@...> wrote:
      > --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "Lizabeth" <deliriumskid@>
      > wrote:
      > > I spoke to Connie and here is the scoop, we may be able to use
      > > site also for Events. :)
      > >
      > > Will check it out this weekend and update the group on the
      > facilities.
      > >
      > > Lady Zinaida Or'Shinaia!
      > Waterford is fairly geographically (20-30 minutes east of 99 in
      > Modesto) desirable for all of you who have been asking me about
      > Southern Valley sites. The potential downsides are that it is a
      > far east for Misties, and neither High enough nor West enough to
      > good cooling in the Summer.
      > Try to find out rental rates if you can. I can't make it this
      > weekend, but can get there for a second opinion if it looks
      > Else
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