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6395Re: Speaking of Trail Riding - Anyone interested?

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  • kknib
    Aug 1, 2007
      Lets see...according to Yahoo Maps, Modesto is 220 miles from us ((3.5 hrs), It's 116
      from Santa Cruz, (2 hrs), San Francisco 100 miles (1.5 hours), Marin 116 miles (2
      hours), Reno 205 miles (3 hours). This is not trailer towing times, but car travel
      times. Add another hour for speed limits and gas station stops. It's is more
      central...but we still win 8).

      Not bad for driving times, but on site camping will help our attendance.

      In Service

      > It still does not answer the question - how far for Ellen or Zinaidia
      > to Modesto? HOw about from SF or Marin?
      > S
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