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5817RE: [WestKingdomEQ] Making horses more central to the Current Medieval Experience

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  • Henrik Olsgaard
    Apr 1 2:07 AM
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      Sir Robert,

      As Duchess Carol of Bellatrix and I recently found out, current Corpora has dropped much of what you refer to ( and we remember) as requirement for Knighthood. Knights aren't required to be aquainted with period dance, playing chess or the other of the 5 formerly listed items that appear in the SCA Historical Corpora , as they used to be back in 1971. Niether are they required to be masters of any of them besides fighting, as we were, then. ( See Volume One, Entry Six at: http://jducoeur.org/justin/hist-corp-v1.html  for a copy of the old requirements.) 

      I agree it would be nice if the West reinstated them as added requirement for Knights, as well as for the other two peerages. I also think riding a horse should be added to that list!

      I wonder when and why they were dropped by the BOD in the first place?

      Henrik of Havn


      From: "Bob Orser" <dunharrow@...>
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      To: WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [WestKingdomEQ] Making horses more central to the Current Medieval Experience
      Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 23:46:59 -0700

      After reading the past 2 days' digests,  I'm moved to make a few comments.
         1.  I'm very glad that more folks got to know Lady Zinaida & Sir Corwyn and Phooka & Captain Jack as well.  Good people, good horses.  They have worked very hard to get SCA Eq going in the Santa Cruz area, but were probably not so well known Kingdom-wide.
         3.  It's great to see our Royalty promoting understanding of horses and their central role in chivalric society, particularly in the training of those who would aspire to knighthood.    Many years ago (early- to mid- first decade) when Diana wrote the requirements for peerages into the Corpora,  namely the minimal familiarity with chess, heraldry, period dance, literature, etc.,  I tried to persuade her to add  "horsemanship and the hunt",  but she was already getting some resistance about it and said she didn't want to add more at the time.      I just now thought of that and now I wonder if perhaps a Kingdom has the right to make additional requirements on top of those in the Corpora for consideration for a peerage.    To be equivalent in scope to the other areas, the minimal requirement would not involve actually riding a horse, or hunting game with bow or spear, or handling hawks or hounds (actually playing chess isn't required, just knowing one piece from another and how they move.)    It would not involve great investments of time, money, or equipment,  but would broaden the education of those who are the next generation of leaders in our Kingdom in an area now rather underrepresented in proportion to its significance in medieval life.
           - Robert of Dunharrow
      Bob Orser

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