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5451Bridle-less Challenge (was Re: Progress Reports?)

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  • la3luna
    Jan 9, 2007
      So ... is ANYONE else training for this challenge?

      Just Curious?


      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "la3luna" <la3luna@...> wrote:
      > First of all ...Happy New Year!
      > How is everyone doing with the horsemanship challenge? I.e. the
      > bridle-less/reinless challenge. I figure most of us have been
      > off and on through the Holidays – the weather has been decent
      > As we move into this Challenge I thought we could keep up and/or
      > each other through on-line progress reports. So here is Velvet's.
      > Velvet is still such a sleepy-baby in the brain, typical draft
      > mentality. She understands the "Heads" pattern pretty good and is
      > to an easy canter on a 25' course. No lead changes though. So I am
      > thinking I'll be able to ride her advanced right out of the gate
      > spring. (Note I said "ride" and not "compete" … LOL!). She is
      > trying to get used to moving "at speed" under saddle and will
      > up a volley of bucking leaps when we move into a hand gallop.
      > too horrific, just immaturity and it seems that she is a bit
      > about motoring into high gear. So I am trying to ease her into
      > working at speed, as I don't want her developing any bad habits.
      > She is coming alone quite nicely on her solo leg and seat aids (at
      > the walk). So far we have just been playing at this during cool
      > downs. There are holes in her work of course. Simple changes of
      > directions are coming along nicely, so are her upward transitions.
      > She sucks at the halt and that concerns me - I am going to keep it
      > real simple for her. As long as my arena stays quiet and she can
      > focused on my aids, she does well. And in all honesty, she is so
      > young and green that I am not expecting much this early into
      > her for the challenge.
      > All in all I don't think I could as for a nicer equine student. At
      > times I have to kick myself into remembering that she is only 3
      ½ !
      > Our next chunk of work is building up her fitness level again. She
      > was sore (in the back) after her first 60 days of being backed
      > and "broke" in the round pen. So her last few months have been
      > sporadic work to let her physically recover - and also to let
      > early lessons mentally soak in a bit. So after we get her fitness
      > back up I am thinking about doing what I did with Jester; teaching
      > simple western movements (like rollbacks) to get her working off
      > haunches and adding in dressage patterns to keep her mind
      > She is a work in progress and after all it's about that journey
      > So how are y'all coming along? Anyone been playing with this or am
      > the only fool out there with red ears and cheeks this winter?
      > YIS,
      > JoA
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