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5427Re: Progress Reports?

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  • la3luna
    Jan 1, 2007
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      I can imagine that riding in your part of the West gets dicey as
      winter progresses. You are brave souls to get out to hunt as much as
      you do!

      Riding youngsters: Just an FYI - (you prolly know this Siobhan), but
      I have not chosen Velvet for "the challenge" because she was a blank
      slate. Basically she is the only horse I have at the moment!

      Ol Autumn would have been a better candidate for this with all her
      dressage training ... but ... lack of foresight there! She sold ...
      and I needed her to anyway. Actually I needed another horse to fit
      like I need another teenager to feed... LOL!

      We will see how things go once Our reign commenses. All my future
      weekends will be swallowed up into the SCA and week nights as well I
      imagine. I am trying to get a head start on it now because when we
      step down I'll have precious little time to play catch-up with yall.
      And with a baby brain under me, I may not have the right situation to
      get her when I'd like her to be. But this is a loooong road and it
      will be fun to see how far everyone got come the fall!



      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, Dianne L Karp <dkarp@...> wrote:
      > The weather in Reno has been mostly too cold and or windy for riding
      > babies. Plus, I do not get home most days before dark.
      > What little riding I have been doing has been in the Hunt field.
      > is doing well and learning his job. Although he was been taken
      > for years by his young previous owner, she could only riding him
      > school breaks, This is, therefore, his first real season hunting.
      > He is finally learning to use his butt - it is now safe to take him
      > very steep hills!
      > Reinless is not something I have the time for at the moment.
      > Siobhan
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