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494Re: [WestKingdomEQ] Mists Equestrian Meeting and Update -PLEASE READ!

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  • Henrik Olsgaard
    Jan 7, 2003
      Greetings Your Excelency,

      I will try to come to the meeting on sunday, but I may not quite make it. I
      have been very busy with my mundane job these last months, and then these
      past holidays I spent more time in Caid it seems than the West. I had the
      pleasure to dine with Their Royal Majesties , Gerhart and Una , King and
      Queen of Caid at their 12th Night two evenings ago and so was of course
      unable to attend our own Western 12th Night. My Lady, Viscountess Tamsin and
      I had brought Duchess Carol of Bellatrix to Caid's 12th Night celebration,
      since Duchess Carol had lived in Caid for quite a while, and had not had the
      opportunity to attend any of their events, and we all enjoyed seeing and
      visiting many old friends and aquaintences from all these many years.

      I also had the opportunity to spens too little time at the Gety Museum and
      Library. They had a marvelous display of 14th and 15th century
      illuminations, including a very unusual one of St. George and the Dragon,
      where St. George 9 in 14th cent. armour, is on his horse carrying a heater
      shield with his arms displayed on it, while wearing a seperate long narrow
      shield, also with his arms on it, attached to his straight , armoured left
      leg. The lower shield does not seem to be attached to the front saddle bow.
      Luckily they had this illumination printed on their information flyer, so I
      was able to get a near lifesize color picture of it. I will try to bring it
      to the meeting.

      Some copies of the Fiore manuscripts, depicting mounted combat were also
      very informative , since each manuscript is slightly different from the
      other 2 of 3 total . This 15th century combat manual is unusual in that it
      includes horseback combat instruction too. An illustrated translation by Bob
      Charon(formerly of the Middle Kingdom) is due out soon. ( Check " Fiore de
      Liberi" on a search engine for more info.)

      I would like to suggest two items to discuss at the meeting.
      Equestrian events at Estrella next month and Equestrian at Ducal prize if
      the Woodland Fairgrounds are used and permission can be obtained to use
      their arena and stabling facilities.

      I remain in service to the West and the SCA, Henrik of Havn, Minister of
      Equestrian Arts

      >From: "dcamville <dcamville@...>" <dcamville@...>
      >To: WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [WestKingdomEQ] Mists Equestrian Meeting and Update -PLEASE READ!
      >Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 14:25:26 -0000
      >Just wanted to post a reminder about the Mists Equestrian Meeting and
      >Workshop. If you would like to have something discussed at the
      >meeting please let me know by Junuary 9th, 2003 so it can be placed
      >on the agenda. We'll be reviewing the Rules and discuss plans for
      >upcoming Events, Practices and Lessons. After the meeting we'll
      >be "tuning up" the equipmentfor the games. Richard has volunteered to
      >provide lunch (Roast Turkey I believe) so bring your appities and a
      >favorite beverage!
      >Here is the needed information:
      >DATE: Sunday, January 12th, 2003
      >TIME: Meeting at 11:00 (SHARP) with a workshop to follow.
      >PLACE: "Chateau de Camville" at 26027 Eastman Court Hayward, CA.
      >STUFF: Bring your favorite beverage. The BBQ will be availible for
      >use and if the weather is poor pizza will be provided. Snack
      >contributions will be accepted.
      >LESSONS: I'll need a rough headcount for all those interested in
      >taking group lessons which will focus on more Western style riding.
      >Found a place in Castro Valley that has WEEKEND lessons available at
      >$35.00 per person. Please chime in if you are interested by the 9th
      >so I can set this up for February.
      >IN FEBRUARY we'll have a GROUNDWORK class/meeting. This will cover
      >the basics of what to do BEFORE you ride. We'll have two horses to
      >practice on (maybe more). Look for posts in January as details become
      >Hope to see many of you at 12th Night!
      >Viscountess Elisabeth de Champagne
      >Mists Equestrian Marshal

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