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474SCA and HORSES: My profile

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  • Stephanie Small
    Dec 2, 2002

      Well, I was asked to do a profile, so here goes…


      SCA HISTORY: My name is Stephanie Small, my SCA name is Atrael ferch Aureelia. I love horses, and always noticed there was a distinct lack of them at most SCA events which I hope to improve. I have been in directly involved in  the SCA for over five years. Previous to that, I was in An Tir with my mom, Aureelia ferch Gwalcheved (Fara Otterbeck) with very little activity. I am currently in Vinhold (Napa/Solano County), where I am chatelaine and assistant herald. My interests include horses, art, music and heraldry in that order. I joined this list, because I would like to see more horses and horse-themed events in the SCA.


      HORSE HISTORY: I have owned and ridden horses since I was five (I am 22 right now). I have volunteered with a large animal veterinarian. Next week I begin taking classes in Parelli’s Natural Horsemanship at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, California. I work at a bookstore in addition to my “real” job. I have a lot of books (hundreds, yes really, hundreds) on horses and will be happy to share them with whoever may need them. The horse I am currently working with is my mom’s Arabian mare, Camille, whom we have had since I was six. Now I would like to get my own horse to work through the Parelli training with me. Please contact me if you know of a sound, healthy horse with a good temperament that is for sale and would like a good home.


      Well, that is enough about me. Hope to talk to you all soon!


      Atrael ferch Aureelia


      Stephanie Small


      Stephanie Small

      Information Technician, Napa Chamber of Commerce

      Direct: (707) 254-1143

      1556 First Street, Napa, CA 94559