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4267Heads on Heavies (was IKEqC AS41 Rules & Regs)

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  • juliana_of_avon
    May 4, 2006
      IMO - Playing "Heads" on a light horse is a BLAST! Doing it on a
      DRAFT is freekin' challenging. It is doable but the majority of
      draft riders are deterred from the advanced 21' Heads game simply
      because the physical design of our horses are not up to the job -
      too large, slow, lack the balance/condition, muscling and talent to
      DO IT.

      Most pure heavies are deigned to walk/trot down the field in a
      straight line with their neck in a collar. Cantering a tight bending
      pattern for a draft is a real CHALLENGE! It's like trying to turn a
      Ford truck around in a small area. (People who drive Fords
      understand this problem :-O )

      21' Heads is created for light horses and those of us who forge
      ahead and compete on our drafts are at the disadvantage. We have to
      make points up on the other games [ :-O] . I tip my hat to people
      who can train and compete 21' Heads on a draft. I know it takes me 6
      mos of legging-up on trails, dressage lessons, reining drills and
      bending/suppling to get my old man back in the Heads game.

      Jester and I be out there ... Urg! We show no mercy as we blaze some
      of the slowest times in IKEC history ... We will see you little
      donkeys out there and if we hear any whining from you donkey jockeys
      about not being able to get your little runts through the course at
      the canter, then expect the razzing of a lifetime! <evyll snicker> :-

      All in good fun,

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