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4259IKEqC AS41 Rules & Regs

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  • Rachael Keish
    May 1, 2006
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      Unto the equestrians of the known world does Mistress Marguerite du
      Royon, (new)Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition Administrator, send
      warm greetings!

      Today, May 1st, is the start of the new IKEqC year. The victor in
      last year's AS XL IKEqC competition will be announced shortly, and
      Donwenna or I will then send the final scores out to the Kingdom
      Chroniclers and KEOs for publishing in their newsletters.

      Many, many thanks to Donwenna and Sandor for all of their work with
      IKEqC over the past several years. Their past and ongoing efforts
      have enabled all of us equestrians to compete in this annual
      tournament, regardless of which Kingdom we hail from - a truly noble
      and worthwhile endeavor!

      Attached for your use are the NEW AS XLI (41) rules and regulations in
      .pdf format. These have also been placed on the IKEqC website in Word
      format, at:
      I will send out and post the new year's score sheets as soon as possible.

      Most of the content is the same, and has been reformatted for ease of
      reference. There are however some rules changes that you will need to
      become familiar with, including (but not limited to :-) :
      - this year's championship games are rings, reeds, and heads
      - heads scoring has been simplified (no more conversion tables)
      - reeds spacing has changed from 21'4" to just 21'
      - birjas has been added as an experimental game

      Even if you've played IKEqC for years, take a moment review the new
      rules and double check your equipment & weapons before the new tourney
      season. Also, please cross post this missive to any SCA equestrian
      email lists I have not posted it to already.

      If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me:
      Marguerite du Royon
      (MKA Rachael Keish)
      2855 Agua Vista Drive
      San Jose, CA 95132-2102
      Home/fax: (408) 272-2582

      In service,
      Mistress Marguerite du Royon, OP
      IKEqC Administrator AS41 & AS42
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