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361Re: [WestKingdomEQ] Question re:Equestrian Practice Octber 20th

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  • Autumn Cardone
    Oct 2, 2002
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      After much thought, Alessandro and I have decided that we will come solely to help out as ground crew. We had wanted to bring the horses, however, with Krissy still recovering from the broken splint bone, and Tiara just reaching the point where she can have a rider, but only for less than one hour, it would just be better for us and the girls if we left them at home. This leaves us available to help out, rather than being tied to the girls the entire day.

      So, it looks like we have no less than 4 horses, 6 if Elina and Stephen bring theirs. Is this sufficient horsage for everyone to gather (looks like enough fun to me)? And we will have at least three ground crew to help keep things running. If Elina and Stephen come, then we can even record IKEqC scores if people want.

      Are we on? If so, what time will we be getting started? What time should people try and be saddled up by, and what time should prospective ground crew arrive so that we can help set up? (Alessandro, myself, and Genevieve will be arriving in the same car. We can probably get there at 9:00 am. if need be.)

      We are looking forward to this,

      -- Collett & Alessandro

      Tobi Beck wrote:

       At 06:06 PM 10/1/2002 +0000, tlwhyte17 wrote:
      Thanks for setting this event up!

      Question: What will be the requirement for ground crew?

      As always, there is a need for ground crew.  If there is no ground crew the riders have to do it themselves and that is kind of like having to marshal and herald and list run as a fighter in a list.  Any help is always appreciated.

      So, to answer the question, PLEASE come and join us even if you will not be riding.

      So, can we post costs to the list? And take a pole to se if we are still interested in going or if the Calander is to full for October and try for something in November instead.

      Sound off folks and let us know.


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