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346Question re:Equestrian Practice Octber 20th

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  • tlwhyte17
    Oct 1, 2002
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      Thanks for setting this event up!

      Question: What will be the requirement for ground crew?

      Why I want to know: As I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing me say, I
      really want to do what I can to make Western equestrian activities
      grow and become "common". I really don't want to hear a common
      complaint of past attempts to get such activites off the ground,
      namely "We tried to have events but no one showed up". However, I
      don't have a horse, and though I'm taking riding lessons I'm still
      very much a beginner. In addition, my October calander is filling up
      fast. So while I think this event is a very good idea and I want to
      support it, it is *kinda* alot of effort for me to get to if there is
      nothing for me to do. So, were you thinking of setting up the games
      (something you normally need ground crew for), or do you think the
      event will be small enough such that the riders will be able to
      handle the ground duties themselves? Elina? Anyone have an opinion?

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