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3422Re: [WestKingdomEQ] Re: Jousting List Conventions for Fall EQ Event 10/9

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  • Autumn Cardone
    Oct 6, 2005
      A broom/rake handle works great for removing tips from the cardboard once they have been broken. :-)

      Color wise for tips, Marguerite's are purple, Alessandro's are blue, mine are burgundy. As Marguerite said, the important thing is that we can tell the broken pieces apart. Striped would be easier to tell apart, but may actually be more time consuming to prep and paint.

      -- Collette

      William wrote:
      Marguerite, once again your generosity humbles me. Of course I will
      bring my 2' tips with me, for those people you say can still use
      them. I think I have about 30 left. And as I will have some of my
      household with me, perhaps they can be pursuaded to help me paint the
      new tips earlier in the day, since jousting I believe will be in the
      later part of the event. Maybe just a painted red stripe down 2 sides
      will be sufficient? As I read that tape will decrease the
      breakability of the tips.

      Question: for tips that fit snugly into the cardboard tubes, how are
      the remains removed after each pass? Is there some special pointy
      tool that is used?

      In service,

      --- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, Rachael Keish <rachaelo@a...>
      > >> looks like there are new rules! <
      > Yeah, the final rules came out in May, so they were after the last
      > event bu its all correct in the June West Kingdom Handbook.
      > >I now need to make a 2nd jousting lance<
      > It always made the passes run much faster if you have 2 (or even 3!)
      > lances, because we have to remove the styrofoam from the cardboard
      > tube after each pass (stuffing into the cardboard tube is not
      > by the rules).
      > >>The lance must measure approximately 10 feet (give or take 6
      > The total lance length must be as close to exactly 10 ft. as
      >  The few inches of 'give or take' is to accomodate for slightly
      > different cardboard or tip insertion lengths- hopefully it would
      > be as much as 6 inches.  The cardboard middle section tubes are
      > close to standard in length - I can't find much longer than 55
      > Lances made from my instructions, with the vamplate laced on as
      > to the cardboard as possible (i.e., in the first divet in the wood),
      > are only 1.5 inches short of the 10 ft requirement (yep, I just
      > measured my lance with the new cardboard tips in it ;-).
      > This is with 3 ft. 4 inch long tips - 4 inches of styrofoam for
      > insertion into the cardboard at the tip, and 4 inches of wooden base
      > inserted into the cardbord.  The length from grip to tip is the
      > maximumn allowable 96 inches (8 ft.) with these lances - lances with
      > more length behind them (instead of a counter weight) will have less
      > than 96 inches in front to aim at an opponent.  As we
      > after the June Crown demo, it seems that maximizing the length in
      > front of you helps decrease the angle you strike the opponent, and
      > makes it safer/easier to pull the shot if needed.
      > >and have to paint all my tips, which were once perfect for my
      > as plain white!<
      > Well, your 2 ft. tips will need to be traded out for the new ones
      > the table-leg counterweighted lance style (no charge ;-) to reach
      > 10 ft (or 9 ft. 10.5 inch) length.  Those with
      > non-counterweighted/longer base lances will still need the shorter
      > tips though (Siobhan, Julianna, Ariadne- you need 2 ft. tips,
      > I still have about 20 left over also.  Maybe we can arrange to send
      > them all to Cynaguan Coronet...?)
      > The tips dry within a few hours with a latex paint.  But if you
      > get a chance to paint tips (I typically skewer the tips on
      > shish-ka-bob sticks and stick them in lawn for paiting/drying ;-),
      > then even a strip of colored tape will do - aren't your colors red &
      > white?.
      > As long as there's a way to tell your tip from your opponents tip,
      > that's what matters.
      > ;-), Marguerite

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