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2363Battle-tested mare for sale

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  • Natalie W.
    Feb 1, 2005
      Please excuse the bandwidth and feel free to delete this if not interested....
      With a winter hay and numerous other bills pending, I've decided to sell my foundation AQHA mare, Tulsa.
      Tulsa is a 1988 registered AQHA mare with excellent foundation blood lines (Jet Dial and JackStraw on her papers...rare in CA). She is in excellent health, 15.1+hh and about 1300lbs! (a STOUT mare!) She is chestnut with a dark dorsal line, a couple of hind white socks, and a wide white blaze on her face. She's pretty much bombproof and pushbutton to ride. Her only vice other than food is that she doesn't like being mounted from the ground but she'll stand next to your tail gate, the fence, whatever, so you can get on.

      At GWW last year, Tulsa was on the "Battlefield" surrounded by the entire Romani and Orkney armies for a Knighting ceremony....just imagine a hundred guys in full roman and greek metal armor screaming, clamoring and clashing around her at close quarters--with the entire Caidan army assembled in full regalia right in front of her...some nincompoop even swatted her with a 10ft spear at one point. I swear this mare almost fell asleep in all the hubbub. She's seen it all and then some.

      She'll spin and slide in a halter if asked. I ride her in either a bosal or snaffle, as she has very light and sensitive seat/leg cues. She's OK in a western shank bit as long as human at the other end of the reins doesn't yank her around. I have taught her to do "light armour" jousting and many of the equestrian gymkhana games of the middle ages--but the hard starts and sharp stops it requires are starting to wear on her and she needs a less taxing job now...pleasure/trail riding, drill team, or light cavalry maneuvers maybe? Tulsa will do a barrel pattern, chase a cow and there's no trail she can't deal with...she's a very smooth ride.

      Despite her years as broodmare and ranch horse, Tulsa is no slug. There's a lot of spunk in her. She loves to run--gorgeous canter actually--and walks out on trail, doesn't dawdle. She is definitely happier with a job to do than just standing around, although I can leave her in my paddock for a month then get on her and have a perfectly sensible trail horse under me.

      Kids have hung on her, run under her, poked her in the face and she's never budged. I guess she is pretty much close to bombproof. She would make a great kids horse, family horse, or "husband" horse. I wouldn't want her somewhere that would keep her stalled all the time. She is soooo much happier getting regular turnout.

      Tulsa is in eggbar shoes and pads on the fronts but in a few more months, eggbars should be all she needs--The only reason for the special shoes is that she had horribly neglected, cracked, flattened and underrun hooves when I acquired her as a broodmare before discovering her under-saddle talents and taste for "acting"! I have recent xrays, and there's no sign of Navicular, sidebone, ringbone etc. Her feet were just badly neglected during several pregnancies. Tulsa gets a bit stiff in her ankles when it rains or if she's holed up in a stall for long. She is on daily joint supplements with her hay. I'm letting everyone know this up front, because I only want this mare to go to a good home that can give the necessary care and attention this mare deserves.

      I'm asking $1500 for her but will take an offer from a GOOD home that will love her and take care of her right. I plan to use Tulsa in May for jousting at the Altavia Anniversary event I'm autocratting in Caid, and then plan to run a formal "ad" in hopes of selling her. But if anyone is interested in her in the meantime, or you know someone who might be, please pass this along. I'd love for her to go to an SCA- or similar home.

      Lady Ariadne De Glevum, EqM
      Barony of Altavia Deputy Marshal for Equestrian
      (mka Natalie Wooldridge in Sylmar, CA near Los Angeles)

      "No hour is lost that is spent in the saddle"
      ~Sir Winston Churchill