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2207Re: Fwd: Conceptualizing "Collegium Equus"...feedback please?

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  • lightdragoon42
    Nov 8 8:38 PM

      Glad to have you back! I've been trying to make good use of the
      quintain while you've been gone, I very much appreciate the loan of

      I really, really like some of your ideas that you posted. Especially
      the idea of the sheild on either a haybale, or a drum, which will
      give both a difficult target to hit squarely, as well as a heavy
      target to move very far! (Although I have to admit even punching
      your quintain over the course of an afternoon, with as little
      friction as it has, left my arm a tad sore... hitting something that
      weighs in at a SIGNIFICANTLY higher mass ought to really get our arms
      buffed up in no time!) Moving the sport to a level closer to the
      reality of combat, while retaining a high safety factor, is a great
      idea in my opinion.

      BTW, drop me a line, and come out if you can some weekday if you have
      one off, and we can set the quintain up and do some more practicing!

      Thanks for the ideas, I hope that others find them as exciting as I

      Take care!

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