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2205RE: [WestKingdomEQ] Re: Fwd: Conceptualizing "Collegium Equus"...feedback please?

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  • Henrik Olsgaard
    Nov 8, 2004

      Hi Guys!

      Well I just got back from a too short trip to England and Denmark, late last month. And now my work situation is in flux for the next few months where I will be working most weekends. Hope I can get 12th night off!

      Anyway I saw the biggest Viking ship on the 7 seas, and it's a beauty. It sails for Dublin in 2007!

      But that's another story!

      I would like to offer a suggestion that an advanced element be focused on the real elements of mounted combat too. Keeping in mind that many equestrian games started out as practice for real life and death combat, and that most modern versions of them are no more lethal than Olympic Foil fencing is compared to Dark Age combat ( that old TV series about Vikings satrring Leif Erickson not withstanding!), I'd like to see some classes involving techniques that would really be lethal if used against another rider. Such things as power jousting for instance or duels involving elements of safety, that if removed would likely result in serious if not lethal injuries.

      The jousting that I saw at Sonora, would be a good example, as would Lord Jacque's breakaway quintain in Atenveldt. Simply tilting at an upended hay bale with a shield affixed standing on a water filled 50 gallon drum, would show a bit of how much rebound shock the jouster gets on impacting a heavy target, as well as the difficulty of getting a good grip on a shield surface if it isn't perfectly lined up. Also the different effects od where on the target the lance strikes would be more noticible since striking the bale "in the head" tips it over more easily, but striking it "in the middle" would possibly send it backwards farther. So a contest could be run to see who could "Toss the Bale" the farthest from it's starting point. Since real combats are between individuals who may be either big or little, if the rider were little, he may still have to fight a big opponant, so heavy and light bales of the same size could be randomly chosen for each rider, if desired, or weight classes could be established to give a more equal chance to smaller or less athletic riders.

      These are just some posibilities that come to mind.

      Henrik of Havn


      Tune in to THE HISTORY CHANNEL on Friday Nov. 19, at 9:30 PM (in the San Francisco area) to watch the half hour program "Command Decisions"  about William the Conquror invading England in 1066.

      Gordon and I , along with Dmitriy, get to play Norman invaders, in the background. Gordon's horses are there too!




      >From: "lightdragoon42" <lightdragoon42@...>
      >To: WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [WestKingdomEQ] Re: Fwd: Conceptualizing "Collegium Equus"...feedback please?
      >Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 00:19:00 -0000
      >I think it would be great!  Hopefully as you get it going, it will
      >be exported to other kingdoms as well.  And getting some of
      >the "Heavy Fighters" in the saddle where they belong is a grand
      >idea...  ;o)
      >--- In WestKingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com, "Natalie W." <equigal_99@y...>
      > > Dearest hippophiles in the West....
      > > Would any of you find this of interest? If we could arrange for
      >overnight accommodations or crash space or camping space, and/or
      >stabling, would you come?
      > >
      > > FYI, day rate for horse rentals in Altavia is about $60. Working on
      >a "weekend horse rental" package, fyi.
      > >
      > > ~Ariadne De Glevum
      > > Barony of Altavia Equestrian Guild (Caid)
      > >
      > >                              *****ORIGINAL MESSAGE FOLLOWS*****
      > >
      > > So "Collegium Equus" is an idea that I've been noodling on for some
      >time and have "bounced" off a few people in the past few months. As
      >the QEC tourney is very much the focus for those of us involved in
      >helping make it happen, I've not said a'much so as not to distract
      >from it. However, as my noodling seems to have reached the level
      >of "rumour" I wanted to just clarify that Yes!!! it's a concept in
      >development....not "just" a rumour!!!
      > >
      > > Below is a summary of my noodling so far...looking for a suitable
      >weekend in Jan, Feb or March. Guest instructors from inside and
      >outside the SCA.  Will need loads of folks to make this happen...and
      >lots and lots of "ground crew" too! Costs would be kept as low as
      >possible but contingent on participation, number of rental horses
      >used each day, etc.
      > >
      > > For now, what do you think? Would something like this interest you?
      >What passions do you have that you'd like to see represented/taught?
      >Would you be interested in helping make this event happen?
      > >
      > > ~Ariadne
      > >
      > > Collegium Equus is:
      > > ...a 2-day program of learning about and developing medieval
      >equestrian knowledge and skills. Each day would have two tracks...one
      >for the "advanced" rider and/or horse owner, the other
      >novice/intermediate or not-yet-authorized individual.
      > >
      > > Ideas include....
      > >
      > > TRACK 1
      > > Advanced authorizations
      > > Period Cavalry Maneuvers
      > > Pig Sticking technique
      > > The Quintain technique
      > > Tilting Rings technique
      > > Heads & Reeds technique
      > > Spear/Javelin technique
      > > Mounted archery technique
      > > How to train *your* war horse to do the games
      > > Mounted combat technique & Authorization
      > > Learning to joust (inc. training your horse)
      > > (2nd Day) SCA Jousting clinic & Authorization
      > > (2nd Day) Riding armored & accoutered
      > >
      > > TRACK 2
      > > Riding 101: Learn to Ride (Focus on the basic "classical
      >seat"...works for English or Western "styles" of riding)
      > > Intro to the games
      > > Authorizations: Novice & Intermediate
      > > Building your own ring lance, boffer, pig sticking spear, etc.
      > > Riding skills for heavies fighters
      > > Intro to riding in armor
      > > Intro to mounted combat
      > > Groundcrew basics
      > > (2nd day) Riding 201...bettering your skills
      > > (2nd day) Games techniques for novice/intermediate rider
      > > Authorizations: Intermediate & Advanced
      > > (2nd Day) Cavalry maneuvers
      > > (2nd Day) Riding armored and accoutered
      > >
      > > ALL
      > > The "Non Competitive" period equestrian pursuits:
      > >      ~The Quest
      > >      ~"Hawking parties"
      > >      ~The Hunt
      > >      ~Mounted processions
      > >      ~Synchronized riding (drill team, quadrille, Pas de deux,
      >Carrousel etc)
      > >      ~Cavalry riding technique
      > >      ~Camping at wars with a horse
      > >
      > > Make your own horse barding
      > > Saddle history/Making a period saddle
      > > SCA-style jousting rules, equiment & basics
      > > Making a period bridle
      > > Making your own games equipment
      > > War Horse HistoryHistory of horse breeds
      > > The gaited horse in history
      > >
      > > What else?
      > >
      > >
      > > My Website: http://socalsinglefooters.iceryder.net
      > > "No hour is lost that is spent in the saddle"
      > > ~Sir Winston Churchill
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