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1Inportant info, please read

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  • Autumn Cardone
    Apr 24, 2000
      I have changed the welcome message to include some important details.
      Since the welcome message is only sent to people who are newly added
      to the list, everyone who is already on this list won't recieve the
      new version. So, I have sent it to the list.

      Please take a moment to review it.


      -- Collett



      Welcome to the West Kingdom EQ list.
      This is not an official SCA email list.

      The following is information you may need in the
      future. Please take a moment to review this

      Please don't mention this list to other people.
      Due to several personality conflicts, and an over
      abundance of politics, I would prefer to keep the
      knowledge of the existence of this list quiet.
      If you know of other people who might be
      interested, please send me their names (or
      discuss them with me) so that I can confirm that
      they are not people who there are conflicts with.
      (I am just sick and tired of all the politics
      going around, and the dirty games, even between
      people who I like; and there is already too much
      politics/nastiness with the equestrians in the
      West already. However, I do want to get some
      equestrian stuff going, despite the existing
      problems. In fact, it is my hope that we can
      dilute the politics by introducing so many
      people that it will be impossible for a few
      people to control and restrict equestrian
      activities in the West Kingdom again.)

      In an attempt to keep this an unrelated topic,
      please read the following (especially if you have
      not been using email forever...):

      If you don't have a lot of experience with
      corresponding over email, please keep in mind
      that there are a few difficulties that arise
      when corresponding in this way. Email is so quick
      and easy, that it is simple to quickly respond to
      something without thinking about how you phrase
      your words. Because the people who are reading
      your response via email cannot see your expression
      or hear your tone of voice, it becomes very easy
      to misinterpret what you have said. So please
      bear this in mind both when sending or reading a
      message or a response.

      To unsubscribe from this list, go to the ONElist website, at
      www.onelist.com, and select the My ONElist link from the menu bar
      on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription
      between digest and normal mode.

      The List Owner.