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1693Re: Humor: From another EQ list

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  • kknib
    May 2, 2004
      Once, I brought a driving harness to my place to clean. Just
      returning from a ride, I looked as if I had put in a long day at the
      stable (I'm sure everyone knows the look). I walked from the
      parking lot, carrying a box of various widths of black leather
      straps, some with silver studs. To top off the picture, I had a
      driving whip, and my crop (both black) sticking out of the box and
      spurs hooked over the side. I got some REALLY strange looks
      from the guys next door...LOL. I didn't even realize what the
      looks were for, until my roommates nearly fell on the floor

      > Personally, I sometimes wonder what people think, now that I
      > around with two (dressage) whips and a crop in the backseat
      of my
      > car! :-)
      > Genevieve
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