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1296SCA Equestrian jousting equipment

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  • Rachael Keish
    Nov 3, 2003
      I realized I forgot to post the LOCAL contact information on the styrofoam
      for jousting lances. To get the 2" diameter, 2 ft long lengths of
      styrofoam, you'll need a minimum order of 100, and they are $0.55 each - so
      $55 for a 50 jousts. :-)

      The contact info is:
      Michael, US Foam
      630 Martin Ave (behind the San Jose Airport)
      (408) 988-6700

      The jousting equipment is NOT hard to make. You can try this at home:
      - go to the fabric store and get 1/8" sidewall cardboard tubes that they
      ship LIGHT fabric on - not those really thick ones (which might hurt if they
      accidentally hit something). Joann and Hancocks let us have several for
      - get a table leg from Home Depo and sand it down with a grinder or belt
      sander, so that the end has a 2" diameter, about 4-6" long "insert" into the
      cardboard tube (you can adjust with masking tape so its a good fit)
      - insert styrofoam tip and paint all of the above with latex paint
      - get a little 12" round of plywood from OSH, and bolt leather straps to the
      back so it stays on your left arm, and paint it too

      The trickier bit is getting your armour together! I used a Tipperary jumping
      vest for body protection, and a borrowed helm & gorget for head and throat
      protection. The SCA legal helm is way overqualified and makes you quite top
      heavy; I would recommend looking for a lighter weight "decorative" helm and
      padding it out.

      That is all the armor that is required, although the proposal (previously
      posted, I believe) recommends more to be VERY conservative. In the demo I
      felt only one of the passes, where Duke Henrik got my hip - it felt as
      though someone had brushed me with the their hand as they walked past! :-)

      Anyway, I just wanted to share in case people were interested in trying this
      at home. It was GREAT fun doing the demo at the EQ event. Is anyone
      interested in a workshop on making this (or the usual games) equipment?
      Please let me know!

      In service,
      Marguerite du Royon

      >From: Dianne L Karp <dkarp@...>
      >To: westkingdomEQ@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [WestKingdomEQ] Fw: Re: [SCA Equestrian] jousting
      >Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 20:46:17 -0700
      >My apologies, I thought everyone knew about this. I
      >am working on a proposal for us to be able to "joust"
      >with styrofoam lances. The source for these is Gould
      >Southern and the contact is Scott at
      >W 770 921-1111
      >C 404 307-6452
      >His minimum order is $150.00 so if several groups want
      >to get together to split the cost it might be a good
      >As I stated in my earlier email, this is only for
      >practice at home. There are several people who are
      >trying it and have some ideas on improvement. The
      >lances are at this time 2" in diamater and 7 foot
      >long. It has been suggested that they be painted with
      >latex paint both to make them look better and to add
      >some stiffness to them. We are making bases to hold
      >the lances so far most have been out of wood. Anyone
      >who tries this at home please keep me updated on how
      >it is going and any ideas for improving the lances
      >For everyone who is wondering, the handbook has been
      >back and forth from the directors several times this
      >month and for minor things and is back on the agenda
      >for the July meeting.
      >As far as the boffer goes, I should have an update on
      >it tomorrow.
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