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12311Re: GWW 2014 EQ prereg

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  • Nancy Reimers
    Jul 7, 2014
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      West Kingdom Eq Activity for GWW – Please schedule us for Friday or Saturday late afternoon.  My ground crew is not available at other times. - Else


      Gaston Phoebus Double Jeopardy Prize Course

      Riders shall compete in teams of two on a Hunt Course.  First, one rider will serve the role of Lord/Lady; the other, the huntsman.  First the course shall be attempted in the forward order.  Then the riders shall switch roles and attempt the obstacles in reverse order.  Any obstacle disturbed on the first attempt, may not be attempted again.  Bonus points for Hunting Attire.  Time shall count to break a tie in points.  Games Authorization required.  Mounted Archery will be need for one or more obstacle.  Any obstacle can be skipped for a loss in points.  The prize shall be two horse sized leather headstalls inspired by the Gaston Phebus manuscript.  

      On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 2:31 PM, dancing tiger <dncngtiger@...> wrote:
      Greetings Friends!

       Your friendly neighborhood GWW Equestrian Steward here, and I'm sending you an email to invite you to preregister and land allocate for GWW 2014.

      Pre-reg is open and you can pay via acceps, yay!
      It is very important especially for equestrians, to pre-register so that we have land allocation and so that your horse will have a stall to live in. 

      Here is the handy dandy Link:
      GWW - Great Western War XVII - Oct 8-13, 2014: PreReg &am...
      Great Western War XV (GWW), Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) for the Kingdom of Caid; October 8-13, 2014
      Preview by Yahoo

      My co-steward Dame Arabella and I are planning some fun activities for you and your horse. Just a few sneak previews,
      - Caid Queens Equestrian Champion
      - Barony of Angels Equestrian Champion
      - Castle Charge
      - Equestrian pot luck

      This is obviously not the entire list of activities and more details will follow. If you are interested in assisting with running one of the activities please contact either myself or Dame Arabella and we would be happy to put you to work, eh I mean let you help run an activity. 

      Also for anyone camping with equestrian, we are running a camp kitchen. If you are interested in participating please contact me. 

      You have until 08/31/14 to pre-register, I encourage you not to wait until the last minute. And very important, please pre-reg your horse as we need the equine head count. 

      We look forward to seeing you soon and having much horsey fun at GWW 2014.

      In Service