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12310Fwd: [SCA_KEO] Time for Equestrians to start planning for SCA 50-year

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  • Nancy Reimers
    Jun 18, 2014

      Forwarded by request.  I already pointed out that $2400 won't get our trucks and trailers there and back again. I strongly encouraged the option of rentals. They are going to look in to making that happen. 


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      From: "Peter C Barclay peter.c.barclay@... [SCA_KEO]" <SCA_KEO@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Jun 16, 2014 8:09 AM
      Subject: [SCA_KEO] Time for Equestrians to start planning for SCA 50-year
      To: <SCA_KEO@yahoogroups.com>

      Greetings to the KEOs from the SCA-50-Year celebration Equestrian Marshal,

        The SCA's 50-year celebration will be held 17-27 June 2016 at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds in Danville, IN.  (Just a few miles outside Indianapolis.)  

        We are just 2 years out, and I wanted to let everyone know about the initial plans so that kingdoms can start planning and orchestrating their attendance.

      Especially for those who have the longest distances to travel/haul, the planning should begin now.   If those who want to attend start putting $100 aside each month, then 24 months from now they will have over $2000 for travel expenses.  Definitely worth doing!  

      SCA 50-Year will be the largest gathering of SCA equestrians ever!  I have stalls for 120 horses, plus 30 "tack room" stalls. (1 stall for tack for every 4 horse stalls). 

      The site has a huge covered arena (120' x 300'), with lights and a grandstand for spectators, so we have very few limitations on activities.  There is lots of trailer parking, with power and water for those who need it, and space for tents and trailers otherwise.  

      Opening Ceremonies (or perhaps the entrance to Grand Court) is the item I want kingdoms to start planning because it will be significantly equestrian.  The plan is for every set of Crowns to ride in escorted by 4 of their cavalry (who then ride off leading the others after the Crowns have dismounted).   What a great opportunity for each kingdom to show off the best it has for Crowns and cavalry!   Each kingdom should start planning now if they they don't barding for the Crowns and barding for their cavalry. 

      Now no one should get upset because they think only 6 folks from each kingdom will be able to ride... there will definitely be kingdoms that aren't bringing horses (such as Lochac and Drachenwald), and so I need horses for those Crowns and will need riders to be their escorts.  There will also be some of the far flung kingdoms who may not have 6 horses come, so again we will need more horses and riders to fill out each kingdom's group, so every equestrian ought to plan on bringing their horse(s).  

      The autocrat and I have discussed the options, and have determined that one of the primary things we want to accomplish is to show off the equestrians and their horses.  So, while there is no intent to marginalize the Heirs from any kingdom, this will be a grand spectacle and will be about Crowns and the cavalry.  Crowns and Heirs are the primary riders in any other grand procession, and for 50-year we want to make this about equestrians, so the current plan is to not have Heirs ride, but instead let the cavalry ride.   I need your help in getting the word out to your kingdoms and to the riders so they can start planning now. 

      The event will have a plethora of activities with archery, jousting, buzkashi, a grand carousel, games, challenge courses, and classes.   Those who would like to sponsor a particular activity are welcome to contact me so we can start planning.  

      Over the next week, I will be signing up for each kingdom's equestrian list so I will be available to work details over the next year or two. 

      Feel free to let me know if you have questions.  


      Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon, OL, OP
      EqMiC for SCA 50-year