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122872014 Q1 KEO Report Highlights

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  • Nancy Reimers
    Feb 20, 2014
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      I want to congratulate everyone on how much we managed to accomplish in Q1.  In spite of it being "down season", my quarterly report was 4.5 pages long! (plus attachments).

      I've included some of the highlights below:

      "I am fortunate become KEO when the program is growing.  I have tremendous support from my regional and topic specific deputies and look forward to an exciting two years.

      Summary of Authorizations:

      BR – 71 (includes 2 minors)
      GR – 62 (includes 2 minors)
      DR – 4
      MA – 20
      CC – 15
      MC – 11
      FTJ – 10
      Marshals - 28


      Lady Laurentia will be running a practice at her barn – Arriba Vista in Sunol, CA.  The barn staff is supportive and the Barony of the Westermark sponsoring the insurance.  The plan is to promote a regional practice, and run 2-4/year focused on specific skills.  The practice site is convenient to loan-able horses that live in the Southern Mists and Southern Cynagua. The cost is $10/trailered-in horse.  There will be a private donation fund set up to cover the haul in fee for the loaner horses.  Insurance has been completed and the first will be in Q2. 

      Lord Hamish is working with the Canton of Hawks Haven to start a weeknight practice that would be beginner friendly.  He has two beginner horses at his house and the promise of loaners visiting from Cynagua occasionally.  I believe he is waiting for the traditionally good weather months to get started.

      The Cynaguan Mounted Skills Workshops at Browns Valley are insured and started for the year.  Lady Jean and Ken continue to be exemplary hosts.  New leadership is organizing the individual workshops.  There are definite plans for a fall activity and there is insurance for summer dates if interest warrants. 

      The Province of Golden Rivers continues to run their practice.  They are insured and slated to start up practices in Q2.  They are also putting in an archery range at the venue they use and there are rumors that the Province may add an Equestrian Championship this year.

      The Province of Silver Desert has insurance and a Q2 date to resume running their practices for the year in the Red Rock Valley.

      The Barony of Fettburg is looking at getting insurance and holding practices again in Riverbank.  

      The Shire of Canale is looking at getting insurance and holding practice at a new venue – Peachwood Stables in Ceres.  Additionally, Canale is running an Eq event in Q3 that will serve as a benefit for the Clinician’s Travel Fund.  Fundraising for the Travel Fund continues to go well.  The Fund will be support bringing in Julie Alonzo to Equestrium to teach Introduction to Working Equitation.  The Fund has also pledged support to pay the trailer in fees for the Westermark Workshop loaner horses in the event of a one time short fall of donations.  The Fund is also looking to fund a clinic at Equestrium 2015.

      Bestwodeshire is strongly involved in putting on the West Kingdom Spring Equestrium under the direction of THL Daffyd.  The local group has offered wonderful support and the event promises to be not only a great learning opportunity for equestrians, but a tremendous opportunity for cross pollination across multiple disciplines.  

      The Shire of Mountains Gate has provided repeated financial assistance to the Clinician’s Travel Fund, including donations to bring in Julie Alonzo.

      The Barony of Tarnmists has insurance and planned to start practices in Q1.  They have several interested riders, the current Kingdom Equestrian Champion, and a good base of horses.  

      Accidents, Injuries, and Disciplinary Procedures:  

      I am pleased to state we have nothing to report in this area.

      Greater than 35# Bows Mounted Archery – We ran our first experiment on February 9th (details in the event report) and have another scheduled on March 16th.   Master Edward was extremely supportive of the experiment and loaned me a 40# bow to shoot with as well as getting on a horse for the first time in 30 years and shooting some himself.  I have video of him shooting, but it does not show where the shots landed.  I have found that 40# is about the limit of what I feel comfortable drawing.  This experiment also highlighted the fact that the Eq Marshallate does not routinely check the poundage of bows used on our range.  Instead we rely mostly on manufacturer statements.  Removing the poundage limit will bring rules in line with our standard inspection process.  I have included a diagram below of the range we used and where the missed shots landed.  In my opinion, the 40# bow performed similarly to the 30# bow in terms of overshoots.  Most importantly everyone had a good time and no one got hurt."