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  • juliana_of_avon
    Feb 14, 2014
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      Attached is information on an upcoming film Tim´╗┐ Gaensler-Debs is producing. This project IS A MUNDANE endeavor and it is short dated-so things will happen in the near future.
      They are filming the promo-trailer on March 9th near Marysville, California. Tim and Benjamin´╗┐ Pyles agree that having horses and riders would be a wonderful addition. Since the weapons are rebated there are two mandatory practices. You must attend ONE. 
      I have a basic idea of what Tim is trying to accomplish regarding horses and riders and can field "most questions" for people wanting to participate with horses. Again, for safety purposes, attending ONE practice is MANDATORY for everyone. 
      Project information can be found on this Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/a/ucdavis.edu/document/d/1DdJlt8cQI7LLcbQ_drtvzcRQIMt6IH-Tx33LgoKxzNI/edit
      Here is a link to Tim's previous work: https://vimeo.com/72561889
      If you need ideas for soft or hard kit check out the Bayeux Tapestry.
      WHO makes a good candidate to help? 
      1) Most of our Equestrians are already solid riders with weapons handling at the W/T/C. Spears, shields and swords are our weapons. 
      However, you do not have to ride.
      2) Owners of QUIET and EXPERIENCED horses are strongly encourage to consider loaning your horse. Please contact me if you are willing to loan your horse to competant riders. So lets talk! Contact me on FB OR at la3luna@.... Please put "Film Horses" or similar in the subject line.

      This looks like a lot of fun so come out and get involved. Since our local SCA groups will be credited for helping, this project will be a big boost for the SCAs exposure.

      Hope to see you there!